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    Default Which US cities have NONSTOP flights to MoBay?

    ... and for the love of all that is holy, WHY is it so hard to find this info online?!?!? lol

    Seriously, I have searched and searched. I just want to know which CITIES (not airlines) offer direct flights so I can start trying to finagle our flights.

    I know for sure MIAMI and ATLANTA have direct flights.

    Who else?

    Thanks so much in advance for your help!

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    not sure where your coming from but New York (JFK airport) has direct flights. They actually have one of the first flights into MBJ. (Caribbean Air) I know you didn't want airlines but JetBlue and Delta also have direct flights leaving from JFK. Good Luck!

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    Depends what time of year also. We live near Mpls and there are direct flights in high season of course but now that we go in April, we are SOL!!! Uggh

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    Take a look at the MoBay airport arrivals page: Flight Arrivals - Montego Bay Jamaica Airport
    You'll quickly build up a list of airports with flights to MBJ.

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    we are flying direct from Minneapolis. there are a few airlines that offer this. We are flying Sun Country and land before noon.

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    charlotte on US Air and Baltimore on Airtran

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    We are flying non-stop From Milwaukee Wisconsin on flight FL7765. Not actually listed on the Airtran website. I think because this is a chartered flight.

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    American Airlines out of DFW and United out of IAH do as well.

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    Here you go! Some service may be seasonal.

    Atlanta, GA Delta, AirTran
    Boston, MA JetBlue
    Charlotte, NC US Airways
    Chicago, IL AirTran, American, Frontier
    Dallas, TX American
    Detroit, MI Delta
    Fort Lauderdale, FL Caribbean Airlines, Spirit
    Houston, TX United
    Miami, FL American
    New York, NY JetBlue, Caribbean Airlines, Delta,
    Orlando, FL JetBlue, AirTran
    Philadelphia, PA US Airways
    Washington, D.C., DC AirTran

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    Orlando flies direct also (AirTran).

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    Detroit Mich on Delta

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    Orlando has non-stop flights to MBJ on Jet Blue! And AirTran has them on certain days.

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    Philadelphia has a direct flight on US Air.

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    Chicago has a few. We took one last December, but our return flight had a layover.

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    Dulles (IAD) Virginia

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you - especially for that link, woodwhacker!

    We are not flying out until Oct 2014, so they haven't posted flights yet, but we were trying to figure out if we should spend a night somewhere else the night before, etc.

    Thanks again for everyone's help!

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    Philadelphia, US Air
    Newark, NJ UA
    JFK, BW, DL, B6

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    Denver does, starting on 12/29/13, but it's only on Sundays through Frontier. The good thing is that the flight was over $1000pp when they first made the announcement, but they have since come down to just under $500pp. Will definitely be taking advantage on our future trips!
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    From Orlando you fly JetBlue or Airtran non-stop.

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    Uh. None out of IOWA!

    Life is good

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    Minneapolis and Detroit
    Jan and Mark
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    Cincinnati does thru a company called Vacation Express.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamaicaready View Post
    we are flying direct from Minneapolis. there are a few airlines that offer this. We are flying Sun Country and land before noon.
    Jamaicaready, Sun Country Rocks! I wish they would add more flights into April. We used to fly them in feb and it was so slick and Cheaper!. I'd love to go over the winter again .

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    Chicago has direct flights year round. Milwaukee from Christmas until Easter has charter flights/pkgs.

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    Houston! (IAH) On United...only on certain days though. We were able to get direct flights by leaving on Sunday & returning on Saturday.

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