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    Default CSA Review for 1/25 - 2/1/2014

    What a great trip ! Started out with a little hiccup......we had to land in Ft. Lauderdale because of a communications problem with the plane. The pilot said we would get on another plane and head out. He indicated it might only take 15 minuets. "3 hours later" we were on our way. Needless to say that when we landed there were no other passengers in the airport and immigration was a 'ghost town' We had paid for the MoBay Club service. We didn't need it, but I will say that I'm glad I booked it anyway. This was just a fluk. Our representative was there and escorted us. He was very nice.

    Arrived to CSA at 7:00 pm. We changed and went to Patois for Lobster night. Very nice !

    This year at CSA, I did not encounter one rude person on the staff. In the past years, it seemed that there was always someone who was rude or didn't seem to want to acknowledge us. Last year especially there were many disinterested staff members. They must have revamped the staff because it was so nice to have everyone who was upbeat, nice and accommodating. They couldn't had done more for us if we asked. The ones I did question said they had only been there a short time. We didn't really get to know names last year, so I can't say how many have been there in the past. I just can't say enough about how nice everyone was !!!!!

    We had a BFVS. The bathroom was not renovated........which was fine with us. We don't mind the tub/shower set up. We have had room 4121 once; room 4120 twice.......we wanted either of these rooms. We got 4124 which actually has become our favorite room now ! (all first floor rooms). It is the one closest to Patois. We thought it might be noisy and busy with everyone walking by; but it wasn't. The view of the beach was unobstructed and the sunsets that happened were beautiful.

    We ate at Patois, Lemongrass, Seagrapes, Palms and the Grill.......all were outstanding.

    We pretty much relax on our vacation. We didn't participate in the evening activities, so I can't comment on those.

    The beach was bigger and the staff really kept it manicured in the morning...nice to see. No shortage of chairs and towels were plentiful.

    We had Club MoBay on the return trip as well. My opinion is that we will "ALWAYS" use this service. (coming and going). The way they get you through the airport was fantastic and it made you feel special. The lounge was beautiful and the food was delicious ! Such a nice place to relax.

    In the past 3 years we used the Montego Bay Limo service........had wonderful service. Nothing to complain about and I have recommended it on this message board. But in all good conscious I can't recommend it any longer. This was our 4th year. With our 3 hour delay, I was worried it wouldn't be there to pick us up; but the driver was waiting. However on our return trip, the driver was an hour late. That's not what upset was the fact that we weren't called and informed of the delay. We were getting more upset with every 5 minutes that went by. I called and was told he would be there in 25 minutes. This was after the 1st half hour. When he finally arrived he was in a Town Car and not the stretch limo we have had and paid for the past 3 years. It made for a fast ride and kind of ruined it for us. Again, I know cars break down........we can understand that. What we are upset with is the fact that we were not notified. I would hate for this to happen to someone else on my recommendation to use this company.

    We have nothing but compliments for CSA for a wonderful vacation !!!

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    Susan - we were in the suite right above you (4224)!! We were sad when you guys checked out because you were so quiet! What a great building that was. We had always gotten BFVS rooms closer to the old section. You missed a lot of rain. The Super Bowl party got moved inside to Patois. It absolutely poured for over an hour during the afternoon on both Monday and Tuesday. But we got plenty of sun in the mornings.

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    Thank you for the review. We will be going back in November after 5 years & I can't get enough of the reviews! Glad you had a wonderful trip and didn't let your initial hiccup taint your trip!

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    Oh my goodness.........I kept looking for the hat but never saw it ! What a small world Sorry to hear about the rain. We loved that room ! And you guys were quiet as well........nice to have quiet neighbors ! Sorry for the rain for you guys, but rain in Jamaica is still better than the ice and then snow in St. Louis we encountered when we got home....and the below zero temps ! A great trip, just have to plan for the next one.

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