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    Default What is the vibe/happy hour like at CN?

    Is there a happy hour? I presume by about 5/6 isn most people would be tanked and feeling good, and that would lend itself to fun games etc.

    1. Can you be topless at the pool bar?
    2. Can you stay in the pool as long as you want to?
    3. Does the hot tub(s) get a lil crazy after dark?
    4. Can you skinny dip at night in the pool?
    5. What is the camera policy in regards to the AN beach?
    Sorry for all of the questions folks, trying to get a sense of the going's on's, thank you.

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    1. I don't think you can be topless at the pool bar. I am pretty sure you can only be topless on the beach.
    2. I've gone to dinner and still see people in the pool.
    3. Again, I've gone to dinner and still see people in the hot tub at the pool. In my own experience, the hottub at the AN beach is quiet. Usually bring a bottle of champagne and look up at the stars.
    4. Nope, no skinny dipping in the pool at night.
    5. Cameras are a no-no at the AN beach, although I'm sure that doesn't stop people with cell phone cameras.


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    The DJ, you think most people are tanked by 5/6? I'd say more like by 1/2. People typically start making their way back to their rooms around 4:30 or so, and depending on their dinner time, they may stop at one of the bars along the way. It seems that people will go back to their rooms and get ready for dinner around 5:30-6:00, and then the bars get busy again after that. The hot tubs by the main pool usually are pretty full most of the time. No nudity at the pools. AN hot tub is dark/secluded and open 24/7. You could try skinny dipping in the ocean at night if you are brave. You may be able to get away with a picture of yourselves on the nude beach if you are discreet and let the others around you know. The security guards can be pretty strict about it even if they know you are just taking pictures of yourselves. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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    Please don't bring a bottle of anything to the hot tub or pool if it is made of glass. It's just a bad idea and can result in closure of the pool or hot tub if there is broken glass.... and accidents do happen at times no matter how careful you might be. Please be courteous to others.
    Thanks much!

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    Got it. As expected, I do not abide by guests using cameras at any AN location, nor do we use one at such locations. As for happy hour at 5/6, lol I got it. We're usually tanked around 1/2 as well so, I am sure we will fit right in. Bummer about the topless pool bit though, they are spectacular! ah well, to the AN side we go...

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    Skinny dipping in the pool may be frowned upon but it has happened! Trust me it has happened!

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    Hey DJ....better being at the AN beach, going out in the ocean on floaties and or just laying on a lounge chair drinking various RUM drinks, private bar at the AN beach. Can't get any better than that, it's just perfect. After dark its usually very private at the AN beach. We just booked for Dec. 3 to 9th.

    Art n Bev.

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    Hey Art, wondered if you two were gonna be there this year with us. Dave and Natalie, Chuck and Betty can't make it . We'll be there Nov30 to Dec 14.

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