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    Default October 17th to 24th 2009

    We are Dee and Ian froim Windsor U.K. anyone else there during this time would be more than welcome to contact us

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    Hi, we are Ashley (34) and Bryan (34) from North Carolina. We will also be arriving on Oct. 17 and leaving on Oct. 24. We will be on our honeymoon. What time do you arrive in Mobay?

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    Jim (40) and Kelly (34) from South Jersey. Will be there Oct. 14-19. Renewing our wedding vows for our 11 yr anniv. the morning of the 17th.

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding Ashley & Bryan!

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    Hi! We are Beth (25) and Jason (28) and we are arriving in Jamaica on the 17th as well! We will be there for our honeymoon and we get into Montego Bay at 2:05PM!

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    Hi! We are Justin(28) and Karie(24) we will be there Oct 19-24. And it is also our Honeymoon!

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    Hi! We arrive in Montego Bay at 1:25, anyone else coming in around that time? Beth&Jason I wonder if we would be on the same bus? Can't wait to get that Red Stripe in my hand and the white sand between my toes!! Time soon come now!

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    You know, I'm not sure! We originally were flying in from Atlanta and arriving at 1:35, but it's gotten changed since then to 2:05, so who knows! I'm excited, though!

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    Hello, we are Rodney and Jaye Lynn from Midland, TX. We will be arriving CN October 18 and leaving early morning on the 25th. We are celebrating our 15th wedding anniverary -- looking forward to a fun, relaxing trip!

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    Don 28 and Gina 31 we will be at CN Oct 23-30th I would love to meet up with someone going around that time. Please contact me.

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    Hi Rodney and Jaye Lynn. We are arriving on the 18th as well...from Alberta via Toronto. What time does your flight arrive? We may be on the same shuttle to the resort? Ken and Shirlee

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    Default arriving 18th

    Hello! I am Katie (28) and my husband is Josh (30). We are arriving on the 18th at about 1:30 pm and staying til Thursday. This will be our 3rd time at Couples but only our first at Couples Negril. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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    Ken and Shirlee --- we arrive at MoBay at about 2:00 -- coming in on a Dallas flight. We are from Midland, TX. Looking forward to making new friends and having a great time in Jamaica. See you there! Jaye Lynn and Rodney

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    Rodney and Jaye Lynn, and Ken and Shirlee, We are arriving on the 18th at 2:05. We will most likely be on your shuttle Rodney and Jaye Lynn since you arrive at 2:00. Time is getting closer. 5 more days. This week at work is just "One Day at a Time" It can't be the 18th soon enough.

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    Default October 14th til the 22nd

    Mark and Michele From Massachusetts will be there in two days... NICE>>>>>.....

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