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    Default Week of November 14/15 - Who will be there?

    Well, we are counting down from 40+ days until we all have a drink at the pool bar together! Thought I would single out the November CN thread to those that will specifically be there during the week of November 14/15. Obviously some people will be arriving the week before, and some will arive the week of, but regardless, we will hopefully all enjoy a Bob Marley together at the pool bar!

    Count down the days.....

    Don and Denise - Mill Creek, WA - November 8-19
    FL_cpl - November 11-19
    Brad and Faye - Kansas - November 12-20
    Terri and Ed - Ohio - November 14-21
    Glenda and Mickey - SC - November 14-21
    Kerry and Jen - Alberta, Canada - November 14 - 24
    Kat and Cliff - UK - November 14-28
    David and Karen - Greater Chicago area - November 14-21
    Tony and Sarah - Greater Chicago area - November 14-21
    Damian and Rebecca - Baton Rouge, LA - November 14-21
    Ryan and Leah - Pittsburgh, PA - November 15-21
    Herb and Kelly - Pittsburgh, PA - November 15-21
    Sean and Heather - Chicago, IL - November 15-21
    Jamie and Christie - Corpus Christi, TX - November 15-22
    Dave and June - St. Louis, MO - November 15-23
    Joe and Kelly - November 17-30
    Kenny and Sandy - NY - November 17-24
    Tony and Val - UK - November 17-28
    Mike and Anna - Toronto - November 18-25

    Feel free to add on to the list if you aren't on here!

    -beachbums (Ryan and Leah)

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    Dave & Keesh - PA & NC - November 16th -25th.

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    katy and marc and lee and laura from the uk.....we arrive 9th nov for 2 weeks!!! 5 weeks to go and counting every minute!!! cant wait!!! see you there..........

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    Tom and Michelle - Orlando November 14-21

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    Default CN Nov 16th Noon

    Looks like everyone on this list will be at the resort on Nov 16 (Thank you beachbums for putting together this list!!) so PLEASE, everyone, join my husband and I at our vow renewal on Mon Nov 16 at noon. On the beach. We can all drink a toast together afterward and wish one another happiness for another ten years together (or more, I hope). Oh, and I need someone to take some pics for us, too, puhleaaaaaasssse!!!!!! Only 29 days and we are on the bus at this time!!!!

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