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    So I might be the only person who does not like seafood...I just don't...we are going to CTI in about a week and I have been looking at the menus and of course I knew there would be a lot of seafood, but are there lots of other choices that are good?

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    Wow, and I always think they don't have much sea food at all on the menus. Of course we go to the other side of the island. I have found that most all of their food is excellent so you should be good to go, but then we all have different taste buds as well.

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    My wife is not a seafood fan either, but she never complains about having enough menu items to choose from. If you can't find something that you don't like there, you're missing something. There's always steaks, chicken, vegetarian, pizza, pasta and other things to choose.
    Welcome home to CTI, you're gonna love it!



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    We had excellent lamb at 8 Rivers and the chicken at the Verandah was quite tasty too. No worries I am sure you will find something.


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    No worries. There are plenty of great beef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken and vegetarian dishes. You won't want for a variety of tasty choices.

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    MY wife doesn't care for seafood either (okay, shrimp, but that's it). She has never had a problem getting delicious meals. There are lots of options. We went to CTI for our honeymoon, and are returning to Couples for the fifth straight year in 3 days!
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    Thanks everyone, when I looked at the sample menu for 8 rivers the first thing I noticed that they had was shrimp, marlin, salmon, crab and lobster. And I thought to myself I donít like any of that and was hoping all the restaurants had more than seafood. It is good to know that there are many options to choose from and that I am not only one that doesnít care for seafood! We will be there in 9 days! Canít wait!

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    the filet at 8 rivers is really good, we had a chicken and shrimp dish at 8 rivers during the repeaters party, otherwise I try to get seafood for every meal

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    My wife also won't eat seafood and she has never had an issue finding something she liked at one of the restaurants, however we haven't been to CTI.

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    When we were there last year I was actually surprised that there was so little seafood on the menus. You will have no problem finding something you like, no matter where you're eating.

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