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    Default We're Officially Repeaters!

    We got married at CN in April of this year, and we just couldn't stay away so we're headed back September 2014. So excited! How is September in Negril? April was still supposed to be part of the "dry" season but it was rather rainy... so I know you can't ever predict (and even if it rains, it's still paradise... no problem mon) but is this time of year generally very rainy? We're there from Sept 27 - Oct 4th

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    We stayed at CSA Sept 6-14 and it did rain every day. Our first day had a few hours of rain and 1 day it rained from noon til night. But the other days it would rain for a short but heavy burst in the afternoon and then stop just as quickly as it came. Sometimes the sun would come back out and sometimes it would stay cloudy but it was still heaven every day. We used the rain to time to take a nap in a hammock, enjoy a nice hot shower, or enjoy patties and jerk chicken.

    A tip - when it rains, hit the hot tub - its amazing!

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    “That's not rain mon. It's just a little precipitation.”

    Congratulations on being a repeater.

    Life is good

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