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    My wife and I will be returning to CN in Feb 2014 and I was wondering on what days does Couples hold their repeaters dinner? We arrive on a Sat and leave on Friday.

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    It's on Monday, which is perfect for a Saturday arrival. You have a few days to soak in the resort and a few days to run into the staff members you've met around the resort. We have met the head of grounds and the assistant housekeeping manager, and once we met them, we kept running into each other around the resort. It adds a whole new level of appreciation to your experience.
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    The repeaters dinner is on Monday like dank120 said. We had the opportunity this last trip to have repeater dinners at 2 resorts, Swept Away and Negril, and I must say, the one at Negril was much much better then the one at Swept Away in my opinion. I think there was only around 40 or 50 people at the dinner at Negril, smallest crowd I ever saw, and the table behind us made it one of the loudest. Bad thing about holding it inside at Lychee is that sound echos and I could not hear what our host was saying. Still the best dinner of the two though.

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