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    Default July 26th to Aug 2 2014

    Hello all, first trip to CN but 9th trip to Jamaica, looking forward to a great time and meeting new friend's.

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    my wife and I arrive on the 30th and staying till the 7th. This is our second trip to CN we loved it so much the first time we had to come back. We will also be meeting 2 or 3 other couples there that we met on our first trip. Needless to say if you go with a mindset that it is gonna be great than it will be, just sit back relax and take it all in. That first look over the railing and you will understand that your in for a great time. Make sure you do the resort tour, and have a bob marley shot when you get a chance, its my first drink once there.

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    Thanks weewane for your reply, I know its a bit far out, but wanted to chat online with others going at that time frame. I am sure we will enjoy it, have been to Jamaica 8 times, H3-H2 and Ocho Rios over a Christmas. Actually already in the mindset, lol. We are fairly familiar with the vibe, culture etc, and from what I see and hear it appears to be a great resort, just the kind of place we need to find solace in. Cheers!

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    Good deal well keep the drinks cold for me and if you see me say hi. I have several tattoos but on my chest I have my kids foot prints from when they were born along with there astrological sign under them.

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    I believe we will either be coming to CN or CSA July 27-August 3rd 2014.
    Hope to see y'all there and make some friends!!

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    We arrive July 28th for 10 nights!

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    Man I don't think anybody is going this week! Resort and staff all to ourselves, Big up!

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    Going 7/28 to 8/5 for our honeymoon. 1st timers to Jamaica! Can't wait, couples looks like it's just our style..people seem go nice. Looking forward to meeting everyo

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    Quote Originally Posted by robinick View Post
    Going 7/28 to 8/5 for our honeymoon. 1st timers to Jamaica! Can't wait, couples looks like it's just our style..people seem go nice. Looking forward to meeting everyo
    Congrats! and see ya's there!

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    We arrive on the 24th but are only staying to the 28th. This will be our 3rd trip to Jamaica but 1st to CN. We went to CSA the other 2 times. Can't wait! 96 more days!

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    Howdy. Our first trip to Jamaica. Be there 7/28

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    Howdy all!

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    What's going on DJ? Long time, no talk. Just over two months and me and my to-be bride will be wasting away again in, Couples Negril So excited to meet everyone!

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    Hey BroncoFan, how ya been? Hope all is well, getting into summer mode now and awaiting the famous "receiving of the vouchers" from our travel agency!

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    This is our first trip to Jamaica. We will be there Friday, July 25 - Weds, July 30.

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    First time to Jamaica, July 25-30 2014

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    yep the time is going by now, my wife and I are at the 62 day mark. We got our travel docs about a month ago. We have all our stuff for travel all set as for clothes and stuff. Have a few gifts to get for a few choice people we hope to see while there but otherwise we are all set to go. Ohh I am so ready to just relax, it has been a busy busy last 6 months.

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    Default One Love Bar Crawl

    Has anyone from CN during this week ever been on the One Love Bar Crawl. I was looking at it and trying to figure out if they come by the resort on a set day or if it takes a group to make the reservation.

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    Hello all. My husband and I will be at CN July 25-Aug 8. This will be our second time, we spent Christmas and New Years there. We did the One Love Bus Crawl last time, such a blast. He goes three days a week if I'm not mistaken. We are going at least once this trip as well. You can contact Lenbert at So looking forward to "Toes in the water, ass in the sand"

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    I did contact Lambert and he has Sunday the 27th available.

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    We will be there the 27th through the 2nd. Our first trip to CN - looking forward to it

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    Hi Patriots! see ya there. Anyone have a song request that you would like for me to add, hit me up on here. Wont be long now!

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    We will be there July 29th - August 6th! Lost count on how many times - between 17 - 19...not enough! Celebrating our 15th anniversary as we were married in Ocho Rios and then honeymooned in Negril in 1999. Missed the last two years due to illnesses but all good now. Time to go home!
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    Dorothy & James - Delaware

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    Hey DJ. In honor of James and Dorothy, and anyone else celebrating an anniversary and because I really like this song. Amazed by Lonestar.
    Only 24 more sleeps. So excited.

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