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    Default Cleaning Staff at CSA

    I am leaving in a week and am getting gifts together for the ladies that clean our room. Does anyone know how their shifts work. It would be easy if it was the same person for the entire week, but I am not sure how long someone is assigned to a room, and how many people are working on your room, 1 or 2? And the turn down service are they different staff that do this or the same people that clean your room during the day? Just wondering if anyone knows for sure how it works. We are going Wed to Wed.

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    I believe there is usually one main person in the morning that cleans, and another, that does turn down. On their days off, someone may cover for them 1-2 days a week. That has been our experience.

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    I will agree that was the scenario when we were there in Oct. We had the same morning service everyday except 2 days...and the turn down was the same. Both ladies had adviced which days they had off...only because I did ask them.

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    Thank you. Last year at CSS they worked in pairs and it threw me off.

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