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    Default December 31, 2013

    We will be at CSS New Years Eve. Does the resort do anything different/special to welcome the new year?

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    Varies by resort. Checkout Youtube. You will find many of these special events documented either by Couples or by the people who have stayed there. For the most part, Couples will have something special going on for the holidays.

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    I hear it is a real bang! Pastry chef goes wild and makes the best desserts of the year for all. Enjoy!

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    We were at CN last year over NY Day and going again this year. Was awesome. Band, ice sculpture, lots of food, special lighting effects, just a fun party atmosphere. Very special!!

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    Do you mean au natural special activities? (You may be on the wrong thread here.)

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    I am seeking information about all resort activities on December 31st and Jan. 1st, clothed or au natural. In Ohio, we have an annual morning swim in Lake Erie, regardless of the weather. Didn't low if there were any unique island traditions to partake in.

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