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    Default newbies to Couples does the check in process work?

    Our last trip to Jamaica we stayed at Sandals...I feel like we had a little more direction from them. Once we get through line do we have to collect our luggage or do we go to the couples lounge? Will they be sending us a pre trip package with luggage tags and what not?As always thanks for your help and input!

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    After passing through Customs and Immigration you look for the Couples lounge near the exit to the airport, on your left. You will check in there first. They will tag your bags so that they go to the correct resort. There will be a brief wait for your bus, usually no more than about 30 minutes. Kick back in the lounge and have some champagne or Red Stripe on Couples. You give a small tip to the person who loads your baggage. You also tip the bus driver when you arrive at the resort.

    You do not tip while on the resort. The only time you tip is when you are off of the resort.

    Once you arrive at the resort, check in is rather easy. You are handed a clipboard with some forms. Not all that difficult to fill out, takes less than 5 minutes. I don't remember everything that goes on the form. Name, address, telephone, departure airline, flight number, and takeoff time. You then go to the main desk, give them the form, and give them a credit card number. Additional charges, if any, will be charged to this card. You will be given your room number.

    But you are not done quite yet. You next go over to the concierge desk. Here you make your reservations for the special restaurants and catamaran cruise if they have one on this resort. The porter will take you to your room and paradise begins.

    Something to consider. You have been to Jamaica before. You know that it can be a crap shoot when you hit Customs and Immigration at Sangster. Sometimes you pass right through, sometimes the wait in line is painfully long. The last trip we made to Jamaica we waited in line for over 2 1/2 hours waiting to pass through Customs and Immigration. There is a VIP service at Sangster called Club MOBAY. Cost is about $150 per couple for both the arrival and departure service. You can also purchase the arrival and departure service separately. Many people claim that Club MOBAY can get you from your aircraft door, through Customs and Immigration, you go directly to the front of all lines, get you your baggage, and get you to the Couples Lounge in about 15 minutes. We will never wait in line for 2 1/2 hours again. We just spent about $7000 on our trip to paradise. Why get cheap now. $150 is no big deal.

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    Once you are through immigration get your bag, go through customs, head to the Couples lounge. Some very wonderful person will great you in the lounge with a "welcome home", take your bags and direct you to the desk. You won't receive anything from Couples before the trip.

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    Immigration, luggage, customs, lounge.

    You will not receive tags, but thankfully you won't end up at that "S resort" either.

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    immigration, get luggage, customs, Couples Lounge w/ Red Stripe draft, shuttle ride, check in, Red Stripe on the BEACH!!! The only luggage tags we ever got was from our travel agent. Mark your bags with some colored cloth tied to the handles so they are easy to spot when the are coming off the conveyer. Sometimes it can get pretty crowded at the baggage claim area.

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    Here is a portion of a previous post about arrival:

    "You will go through Immigration, grab your checked bags, then through Customs, and to the Couples airport lounge where the staff takes your name, and you have time for a bathroom break and a Red Stripe. From there, they let you know when your shuttle is ready. The porters will insist on taking your bags to the van, but it is up to you. If you let them do it, they will require a tip.

    Once on the shuttle, your journey will begin. You first drive through the town of MoBay, which is your first cultural eye-opener. I won't spoil it with what you see. Once you leave MoBay, most of the drive is coastal with the ocean out the right side and the culture out the left. You pass through the towns of Hopewell, Lucea, Cousins Cove, Green Island, and Orange Bay, before entering the northernmost part of the Negril area. Your driver may or may not be informative, but if not, I always tend to get them talking by asking a lot of questions and expressing interest in the culture and history, like peeling an onion. He may or may not stop for a bathroom break. If you can avoid it, it's probably for the better, as it's only another 10-15 mins to the resort.

    CN is only about the fourth resort in, so once you see the first Riu on your right, the next resort is Sunset at the Palms on your left, the next Riu on the right, then CN on your right. The van pulls into the resort, and everyone unloads. This is when you tip the driver.

    Upon arrival, everyone gets a cold, wet towel and a cold drink, we've either had sparkling wine or once a green fruity cocktail. The front desk knows who's arriving, so they will call out your name and hand you a clipboard. If you did the pre-check-in, the form will be pretty well filled in. Give them a CC for incidentals, and they will let you know if your room is ready or not. At this point, you will likely do what everyone does, look over the railing and see your "living room" for the next week. It's breathtaking, especially the first time you see it.

    At this point, if your room is ready, you will get to walk through some of the resort to your room while your luggage is brought to you by the porter on a golf cart. I will not ruin the initial experience in your room, but make sure you walk out to the balcony/patio and soak in your view."

    Sandals and Couples are no different in that your order of arrival is: Immigration, Luggage, Customs, Airport Lounge, Shuttle, so you will not be doing a whole lot different from that perspective. Couples does not send a pre-trip package or luggage tags, which, frankly, we've never felt the need for anyway. Enjoy! I believe you arrive the day after we leave.
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    One thing I'll add is you can tip the spa ladies and catamaran crew as they are NOT couples employees.

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    Thank you all so very much for your help and input!!! We will be there 2 weeks from today! YAY!!!!

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