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    Default How I miss Couples!

    Oh, how I miss the message board. It was supposed to be Couples Barbados, but now it's Sandals. No message board ... no sharing of anticipation, events, reminiscing. Sigh! We'll enjoy Barbados in December, but we'll be back to Couples and Jamaica. Miss you, everyone! (Looking at me haunting the message board, and the only trip booked is to Barbados!)

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    I know! I keep logging on to the message board even tho I know Im not going to hear anything about Barbados. I'ts funny, and maybe a little "nuts" how much this message board is part of my usual Couples vacation. Reading about,anticipating, and sharing is part of the fun!
    I"ve been searching the internet for info on the changeover,even just Barbados in general… and there is not much out there. At least I haven't found it.
    Already have my December 2014 trip booked to CSA!

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    What? The other Resorts don't offer a message board? Wonder why that is?

    Like you all, this board is as part of our vacation planning and going back home as the trip itself. It makes us happy, sad, excited, frustrated and very homesick. It keeps us informed and looking forward to the next trip. Some of the people who post should be (could be) writers. If we lost this, we would be very sad and frustrated as well. I think Randymon and whoever may help him, does a heck of a job with this and gets very little praise, but catches a lot of grief. Good job RANDYMON and THANK YOU.

    I really do feel bad though for the people who were Coupleaholics, were looking forward to the Couples experience in Barbados (glad we waited) and then this happened. I also feel bad for Couples, as I still think they were somehow screwed in this deal.

    I also hope you have a great time in Barbados, enjoy the island and its culture. While it may not be a Couples it is still a lovely island in warm weather to visit. Hope you post your review on this board and to learn you still had a great time.

    Life is good Mon! 98 days till CN (6) and 341 days till CSA (3)

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    Thanks smroot! I"m sure we're going to enjoy Barbados. I'm looking at the current situation there as making it easier to get out and explore the island. Thats really why we booked in the first place, always wanted to go to Barbados and when Couples opened it was a no brainer. But I knew from past experience on our Couples vacations that it wasn't going to be easy to get motivated to leave our version of paradise. So…it now got easier! I'll be sure to post my impressions when I get back if its allowed.

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    mshell, we'll miss you at CSA in Dec but see you in Dec of !4. !3 day's ,cant wait.Hope you enjoy Barbados and take lot's of pictures .

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    Thanks Sandman! Would say have a great time at CSA but thats guaranteed. Look forward to seeing you in 2014!

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