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    Default Arrivals/Transfers Questions...From Kingston to CTI/CSS

    OK, it's nearly time - off to CTI in only 9 Days, 15 hours and 9 minutes (at the time of writing!) until take-off. As an habitual worrier, I still have some questions!

    1 - We are flying from UK into Kingston with BA - From the paperwork we've received transfer is clearly included but my assumption is that there is no Couples lounge there ; does anyone know what we need to do to find our transport or will it be glaringly obvious? !

    2 - We are having the luxury of a 2 centre break, 1st week at CTI (first time there), then off to the old haunt of CSS for a further 12 days. Do couples arrange the transfer between the two sites, or do we need to sort it out; I know it's only a few $$, but if it's included it's one less thing to worry about!

    If anyone can give us a lead on these, may be able to put the worries to rest!

    Many thanks

    Peter and Sue
    CSS 2010, 2011, 2012 (soon 2013!)
    CTI First time 2013

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    As far as I know, Couples doesn't offer a transfer from Kingston. You might be on your own there.
    Couples will transfer you between resorts though.

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    Sorry I don't know that Kingston answer, but Couples will arrange transportation between their resorts free of charge. Just tip the driver.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Hello Peter, As I understand how the transfers work, Couples provides free transfers from Montego Bay but not from Kingston, someone please correct me if I am wrong here. You may want to definitely check the FAQs page on this website or call the 800 number just to be sure. As to your transfer between CTI and CSS, Couples will provide that trip for free.

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    Couples does clearly state that ground transfers are included. Unfortunately, it also states it's only from Montego Bay. You will probably need to arrange a private transfer, or a connecting flight into MBJ.

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    I would think your transfer would be handled through BA rather than Couples if you have a transfer on your paperwork


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