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    Canadian couple. Please visit 'feedback after your vacation' thread (in the AN section) and let us know how you got on as newbies. It seems like to had a great time and will definitely do the AN thing again. Your thoughts prior to going and your experiences of going will be most useful to others. Thanks for the efforts taken to do this. It also helps keep the thread going!


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    Once upon a time, many years ago, at a far away naked beach at Sans Souci, my wife and I noticed "Ken & Barbie" come to the beach. They layed out for a while, got a drink and walked down to the water. They were only there for about an hour, but to this day people still talk about them. I assume they were recently married, as he was still 'very excited' to be with her. No PDF, just a nice couple and absoloutly georgeous!!!!! But that did not phase us 'bigger' than 'normal' couple. What fun we have at CSS!!!

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    I've seen Ken and Barbie. They looked very out of place among the rest of us normal mortal beings. I agree with falcon, you're going to notice eye color more than anything but some big bandage (great story, conversation starter) or a diabetic insulin pump might get noticed.

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