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    Default Honeymoon and First Timers!

    My husband and I are spending our honeymoon at Couples Tower Isle from November 23rd - November 30th! We are super excited! It is our first time to Jamaica! So I was just wondering what the weather is like down there during the last week of November and if there are any tips for first timers! And who else will be down there with us!! Thanks!


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    No one wants to reply

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    It's hard to predict the weather but I've been in November before and the weather was perfect. November and April are my favourite months down there weather-wise.
    Couples Negril Nov 13 - 20, 2010

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    We have been to CSA twice and CTI once. Suggestions

    Keep an open mind. Enjoy everything they have to offer. Make your reservations to Bayside and Eight Rivers restaurants as soon as you check in. We tend to eat most of our outer meals at the Patio restaurant. This is more of a buffet style restaurant. I take a little of most items just to give them a taste then go back for more of the things I really like. The Bayside and Eight Rivers restaurants have a dress code. You will find this on the website. Bring the appropriate attire. There is also the Pool Grill that is open most of the day and almost all night long. A great place to go for a midnight snack.

    I like my coffee. The resort has some of the best in the world. Blue Mountain coffee. I always bring some home. You can buy this on the resort. It is expensive but worth it. If you plan on making a shopping trip off the resort buy it in town as it will cost less money.

    The catamaran cruise is fun. I think you sign up for this at the same time you make your restaurant reservations.

    Keep an open mind about the island and give it a try. Sometimes it is good to get out of your comfort zone. Don't worry, nobody will stare. Chances are you will never see any of these people again. If you get too uncomfortable, you can always put your swimsuit back on and go back to the dock. But try to stay long enough to give it a fair chance.

    We love the snorkeling. You need to sign up for this as space is limited. The resort has all of the equipment you will need. We try to go every day. Go to the water sports shack on the beach to sign up.

    The beach area is nice. There are some areas in the water that are a little rocky. You might want to pack some aqua shoes. Or you can buy these on the resort if you like.

    We tend to spend about 90% of the time in our swimsuits. You can wear them to breakfast and lunch as long as you wear some shoes and a cover up. Women may want to take several cover ups for their swimsuits.

    Bring and use some lip balm with as high of SPF rating as possible. Apply often. Otherwise your lips will get very burned and chapped. Bring sunscreen and use it.

    Pace yourself with alcohol. You are in paradise. You don't want to spend too much time passed out in your room or sleeping off a hangover. Enjoy yourself but use a little common sense.

    Dunns River Falls is included. Take advantage. Something expensive but well worth it is Dolphin Cove. This is located across the road from Dunns River Falls. Think of it as a Sea World style Dolphin show with you in the water and part of the show. One of the coolest things I ever did. Swimming with the stingrays was also very cool. We didn't do the part with the sharks. There is lots of other things to do if you want. Or you can also keep yourself occupied on the resort.

    One minor warning about Dunns River Falls. When you leave the attraction you will experience a gauntlet of high pressure vendors trying to sell you stuff. If you are not interested don't be afraid to say no and keep walking.

    The weather will be great. Generally in the mid to upper 80's in the day and low to mid 70's at night. Other than going to the restaurants that had a dress code, I mostly wore shorts and a light shirt.

    IMPORTANT! There is a daily activities schedule on the website. However, this can be subject to change. There is a bulletin board near the entrance to the Patio Restaurant. This is updated daily. I make it a point to check this out at least once a day, usually later on in the morning.

    While on the resort there is a no tipping policy which is strongly enforced. You don't want to get a Couples employee into trouble. You don't need cash very often while on the resort. Only if you want to purchase a souvenir from one of the vendors who frequent the resort. Most times my cash is locked in the safe in my room.

    Off the resort is another story. You are expected to tip people like your bus driver and tour guide. Bring enough 5's and 10's for tips.

    You might want to consider Club MOBAY if you haven't already. It can be hit or miss from day to day or even the time of day when you arrive at Sangsters airport. We have made it through Customs and Immigration in less than an hour. However, the last time we went to Jamaica it took well over 3 hours to get through Customs and Immigration. Many claim that the Club MOBAY arrival service can get you from the airplane door to the Couples Lounge in 10 to 15 minutes. Just something to think about. You should still be able to book this service if you are interested.

    The moment you step out of the airport you will quickly discover that you are in a different world. Most people who go to a Couples resort can't wait to return again. We have an ongoing vacation fund where we put our spare money for our return trip to Couples.

    Most of all, relax and enjoy your trip to paradise. We have our return trip to CTI booked for February 2012. Only 107 more days for us.

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    Thank you for the tips Mad Jack!

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    Thank you for the great info! My soon-to-be husband and I are also getting ready for our honeymoon at CTI and this post was very helpful! Can't wait for our first trip to Couples November 18th-25th!!!

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    Amy, congrats on your marriage, first of all! Secondly, you may not be getting too many responses as this message board already answers your questions in way too much detail haha! There are dozens of pages of posts that relate directly to yours. Sit back in a comfy chair and'll get all the info you want, and more!!

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    I do agree that you should take some time to read the other threads, as similar questions have been asked by others and have been answered.

    That being said, we honeymooned at CTI last January and are returning this I can't speak to the weather in November, but I CAN say that as honeymooners, we were given a free 30-minute couples massage. When you arrive at the resort you'll fill out a form with your flight info, whether you're repeaters, etc. Be sure to write that you are honeymooning, and you just may get a little surprise gift!

    Otherwise, just relax and prepare to have the best, most relaxing vacation of your lives! Oh, and if you meet Kirk in the lobby, would you mind telling him that "Fear the beard" and his wife are returning soon and bringing friends with them? Make friends with Kirk...he'll be a great friend during your stay. have fun!!

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    Kirk was awesome!

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