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    Default off resort wedding photographer

    For those of you that have used an outside photographer...did you tip them and if yes how much? I looked up etiquette and it says tipping in not expected but optional.

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    We didnt for our Vow Renewal. I am a wedding photographer in Houston and getting tipped never happens and frankly with the amount we charge I dont expect it. I suppose that carried over to us in Negril as well. Anyone would appreciate it but I doubt they expect it so let your judgement decide. To me, I would rather see and excellent review on various sites with a link back to our site.
    Scott & Becca
    Caffreys Photography

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    thank you Scott C!!

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    We didn't tip only because it is her business... she isn't working for anyone besides herself

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    Jamie I love all your input!! thank you! who did you use for a photographer?

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