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    Default The last week-end

    The week-end before. In many respects, it will seem as ordinary and as normal as any other week-end. Saturday and Sunday will be what they always are, days for some errands, some yard work, maybe, Sunday paper, coffee and muffins with my daughter, yadda yadda yadda. Routine. Routine.

    Perhaps to the casual observer, all things seem to be in order for just another week-end. Ahhhh, my friends, there’s the rub. There will be nothing routine, normal, regular, or any other form of “follow the leader”. No indeed. This week-end will prove to be highly irregular and will not follow any of the previous ideas put forth earlier. This week-end marks the last week-end, that’s l a s t, before leaving once again for paradise. Making it through these two long days will unlock the portal to ecstasy. For once this passageway is exposed, one only needs to follow the clearly marked trail that leads to this magical oasis.

    Two days to check and check again for things that are packed, things still on the floor, add something, take out something. Two days to stare out the window and see the wintry feeling winds blowing around anything that isn’t tied down. The skies are dark with a high cloud cover. But here and there the sun manages to peek around corners as though it was telling me, “I’m still up here. Don’t worry mon. Every little ting gonna be awright”. That puts a smile on my face and spurs me on to tackle each hour that passes like caterpillar crawling up hill.

    But amidst the angst of this looooong two day hiatus from work, there is also a great deal of joy, growing excitement and anticipation. This 48 hour period denotes the beginning of the end of the dreaded “wait time”. That’s the period following the day you book. Countdown can begin. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have excitement”.

    For some, dragging their tired bodies through the “last week” could mean that they will be on a plane on Monday morning. That certainly would be way more than awesome. They stood their ground for all those weeks and months, finally making it to the “LW”, hung on for a few more precious hours, and were nobly rewarded with that early flight first thing Monday. Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Good

    Then of course, for the rest of us, well okay, for some of us, we have the rest of the week days, Tuesday through Friday, when more and more of us will find our own appropriate time and place.

    Even though I still have three more days of work, it means very little to me. Especially since I work from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. Then I have the rest of the day. Retirement has some advantages.
    I’ve already figured out how I will fill all those minutes and hours I will have left to deal with after getting out of work. After all, it’s still a long day.
    I am going to use a little known plant extract, I can’t actually tell you the name of it, nor how it is to be used, to put myself into an induced coma. There are also some ritualistic maneuvers and chants that I must follow. I will remain like that until the next morning when my alarm will, not only wake me, refreshed and eager to meet the new day, but my catatonic state will cease immediately. I will be bright and alert until about 10:30 in the morning. Then once again I will veg out.

    Is this painful or dangerous one might ask? Dangerous, not so much. Painful? Well, I think that a more descriptive word would better illuminate the disarray, deprivation, isolation, suffocation, that I feel whilst I wait for vacation. That word would be (please insert your choice here) There are just to many to list.

    All that aside, the endless continuum of time moving ever forward, will eventually put an end to my sufferings and miseries. The sun will rise and set, as will the moon thrice more. And on the fourth day, before the light of day climbs slowly up from the Eastern sky, we will take our first really good deep breath. Standing at the front door waiting for out friend Val to whisk us off to our waiting flight of fancy, we sigh. That sigh we all know that comes after all the planning, time, money, and all the rest the work is done. Now, it’s Couples Time.

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    Thanks for another great post Crabracer! Today, Monday, we are 30 days from take off. I will read your post every weekend between now and then and savor every moment. I hope you enjoy safe travel and beautiful weather on your vacation.

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    Default read something so close to my heart...except that we must endure on more such weekend before we leave for more short stretch of work, ur...retirement practice - yeah, that's it - retirement practice...

    Can't wait until it's all behind us once again; time to come HOME, and remember why it is that we have return to reality every once in a while - otherwise, dare I say, we might get bored with, or take Couples Time for granted? Nah...I don't think that's possible...

    We have 10 glorious days of 87-78 to look forward to, starting in 8 days...still haven't figured out parking at JFK, but HEY - let's not sweat the small stuff...there's plenty of time for that when we get back.

    We have stayed at CTI twice before in addition to who-knows-how-many stays at CN. We liked CTI but were wary of the winds that kept the Island closed. Knowing now that the new dock is there we are excited to come back again.

    Crabracer, we have seen many of your posts, been inspired by your thoughts and insight, and would be very happy if we happened to run into you while we are there (11/19 - 11/29).

    See you at Karaoke!!!

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    My "last weekend" is coming up this Saturday/Sunday. It's going to be a hectic weekend filled with rushing from store to store, grabbing last minute items that will be needed, as well as picking up a few more swimsuits!

    Then 3 more days of work, and a 6AM flight to paradise on Thursday the 21st. =)

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    Richie/Syl Enjoy your well deserved trip. Perhaps we will see you again in April.

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    Looking forward to meeting you as well. You'll find us on the rock.

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    What a lousy way to spend the last week-end...fighting off a cold...

    Three more days and we're off - hopefully at the CTI Pool Bar by 4PM on Tuesday, the 19th...

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