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    I absolutely love that Sweet Jamaica song!

    My alarm every morning is the chorus of Get Up, Stand Up.

    The ringtone on my phone for my wife is Is This Love (the song we danced to at our wedding at CSS)

    And I also have a strange addiction to Guess Who's Coming To Dinner by Black Uhuru.

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    Elton John - Jamaica Jerk off !!!

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    I really like the house band at CSS reggae version of Johnny B Goode. When I got home I realized that Peter Tosh had actually had a hit with that song back in the day. I downloaded a couple of albums by Peter Tosh and really love his version of it. Also fantastic is Peter Tosh version of Get up Stand up. Its got a fantastic, slower groove than the Bob Marley version.

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    Heard the CTI steel drum band play this one... didn't much care for it when I first heard it - but it's grown on me. Now every time I YouTube the tune, takes me back to the evening show at CTI. Ya mon!
    Reggae Version (Careless Whisper) - YouTube

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    When we were at CSS I picked up a CD from Scotch Bonet. I listen to it and it brings me back to the Bella Vista having diner while they played.

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    Three Little Birds... I didn't have that much of a connection until my first trip, with my current husband, my first vacation after my previous husband had died, I buried him at Arlington National Cemetery and that trip was the most restorative I had ever had in my life. Apparently I sat up in bed in the middle of the night and in full voice sang Three Little Birds. I connect it so much with that trip and with our two since.

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    Capt ANk......Booty Man is by far one of my favorite songs to transport myself to JA!!!! First heard Booty Man on the Sandals CAT in 2008. We renewed our VOWS this past October at CSA and played Booty Man after the ceremony.....everyone stopped in their tracks because of the song. Now I play this song once a day on my phone and everytime I go to the bar (they hate me when they see me putting money in the music box)!!!!!

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    One Love and Three Little Birds but Ancel - Meet me at the beach is one that will do it every time
    Ancel - Meet me on the beach (park).wmv - YouTube

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    So many,, Beach Boys,, Kokomo,, Zac Brown,, Toes an Island Song,,, Kenny Chesney has few,, Watch Out They"ll Go Coastal On Ya!,, So Many puts my mind on Island Time,, Of Dont Worry be Happy Mon!

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    I just downloaded "Could you be loved" ----by Bob Marley... to play on the plane ride to Jamaica...and throughout the week there....

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    For some reason this song brings me a view of the beach. Just sittin back in the chair looking at how beautiful everything is in paradise :-)

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    Third World- 96 degrees in the shade... THIRD WORLD - 96 DEGREES IN THE SHADE - YouTube
    Dawn Penn- No, no, no.... Dawn Penn No, No No (GREAT QUALITY) - YouTube

    And anything by the The Mentos Blend and The your beach musicians and buy their CD's!

    So many more....those just happen to be completely stuck in my head right now! (Just got back last night after returning 'Home" for 11 days)

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    Stay with you - Tarrus Riley. This song with always remind me of Jamaica! We heard it several times and someone sang it during the bonfire beach night and it was so romantic!

    Tarrus Riley - Stay With You - YouTube

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    The one that jumps out is "Big Bamboo" by Horance Peterkin. Was on the boat when I heard it for the 1st time. May not be the most romantic, but has a special place in the memories.

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