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    Default Would love a Cat Cruise offered at CSS

    CSS would be the PERFECT destination for us if there was a Cat Cruise included. We went to CB and Couples offered a Cat Cruise where they shuttled us to the marina. Couldn't something like that be offered at CSS? Maybe we could be offered to be shuttled over to CTI to board their Catamaran on the days CTI is not using it. People may even be willing to pay something like maybe $40 or $50 a couple to have the option. We certainly would. Just a thought.
    CSS would be perfect with nice beach, All-suite rooms, In-suite dining, Cat Cruise, great food, great staff and great entertainment. What more could anyone ask for?

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    Any responses?

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    There have been several threads on this issue, many of them closed after much discussion. Randymon has often replied that there are several reasons for not offering a catamaran cruise for CSS and Couples does not have any plan to change the situation (no boat to CSS beach due to reef, shuttle to CTI not feasible, etc). I agree with you guys that Couples COULD do more to share the love to CSS, but we don't get to see the financials/management thoughts on the situation. Options like paying extra for the shuttle/cruise, offering to repeaters only and the like have all been suggested, but no luck.
    After experiencing the cat cruise at Negril and CTI, I will certainly miss it when we go back home to CSS. Maybe they want to keep the competition fair, since you're right, if CSS did have the Cat Cruise it would be PERFECT!
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    Would love to see that also...but got a response a year or so ago to this from Randymon with a firm "No".

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    We were at CSS last March, we did a trading places day with Tower Isle and on our shuttle over there was another couple who were doing the Catamaran from CTI. They told us that it cost, if memory serves, about 65.00 a person and they had to find their own drive back. They set it up with the guest services desk at CSS. That's what they said, it was too late in our trip to enquire for us to do the same. Hope this helps.

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    There was a big one parked right next to SSB the whole week we were there last month. Water sports said the owners willing to rent it out for private parties, so CSS could look into that. Even if they charged. Said it could come into the beach at CSS.

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    I guess you have never changed your mind.
    Maybe if enough of the repeaters request the CAT cruise, Randymon or Abe would reconsider and make CSS the best Couples Resort available!

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