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    Default Current November weather/crowd reports CTI

    Hi all... we have only traveled to CTI in September and LOVED IT. We purchased trip insurance in case of major hurricanes and have had largely perfect weather every time we traveled. A day or two of rain won't dampen our spirits!

    But! We need to push our trip late in 2014. Our daughter is a senior next year and a varsity athlete in a fall sport, plus in marching band and we just can't bear to miss our only child's last year in high school and her accomplishments. We missed this year her first medal, her first time in the local paper... we just can't do it next year. She doesn't do a fall sport so we want to try for November.

    The only concern is that we won't be able to get out to the island. Why would we go if not to the island????!!! We love you islanders too much!!!

    Update me every day if you're there. Please? Is November OK?

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    I have been here since the 2nd. Green flags everyday. No problems with getting to the island.

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    We went in November a few years ago, the island closed for one day, but we were able to go to CSS. We did enjoy Sunset Beach and it was great to see, but like you, we love the Island! I think the new (now old) pontoon boat to the island makes a big difference. We did get to the island on a couple of really windy days that otherwise would have been closed.

    How dare those kids of ours interfere with OUR Couples vacations!

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    We've been going in November for a number of years. For the most part, the weather was always fine. Once or twice, there were times that a storm came in for a day or so, but overall, November is great.

    We'll be there this coming Thursday and will try to keep you updated.

    No worries mon.


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