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    I have some random questions that I'm hoping someone can answer. First of do you go about requesting a certain block at CSS? My husband and I have booked our trip, but would really like the G block for our room. We know that the type of room that we booked is in that block, as well as D and F. Also...does anyone know if we can do nighttime snorkeling at CSS? And one last, very random, question...what do the points represent on the romance rewards page? Thanks for your help!

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    The night snorkling is a hit and miss.. sign up for it but don't skip out on the day snorkling. We did the day and so wanted to do the night but that night when we got to the area we were supposed to meet up with the 2 other couples going they said oh we didn't book any night snorkling adventures. We were really disappointed..

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    A few weeks prior to your arrival date, do the online pre check in. There is a spot on that form where you can make your request. Of course there are no guarantees. When we were there a few weeks ago, we requested and received G block. I am unsure about the snorkeling or the points? Enjoy your trip!
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    We've requested a Block (and room) before by e-mail right from the Couples website. CSS will usually try to meet your request if they're able but have no obligation to do as you ask. No night time snorkeling at CSS. Romance reward points equate to reward perks you're able to get during your stay. The more points the more perks.

    Have fun!

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    Bumping this up for lightning1

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    You might want to read the 5th post at the top of the main message board regarding room requests. In general, Couples will not accept any advance requests for rooms. But what the heck, you can always ask at the main desk at check in. Please don't be disappointed if they say no. If they say no, don't let it ruin your stay in paradise.

    See the link below. I think it fully explains the Romance Rewards points system. We don't really give a whole lot of thought to the Romance Rewards points. We don't come back for the points. But we do like the little extra perks we get. You can sign up now. Don't forget your customer number. When you return home, check back after about 30 days to make sure you received points for your last stay. Couples will make corrections if you ask them. Do this especially if you think you may make a return trip. HINT: Most couples who go to any of these Couples Resorts come back at least once. Most people will come back over and over and over...

    Romance Rewards Levels & Login for Couples Resorts

    We have never done the night time snorkeling. I know that it is offered, at an additional charge, at the Couples resorts. We enjoy the daytime snorkeling as often as we can. I believe the previous answers you received about night time snorkeling are accurate.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise.

    86 more days until we return to CTI

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    You can request a room block but they won't guarantee it. I think they will do night-snorkeling trips if there is enough demand. We did it at CSA and to be honest, it was kinda boring. Funny thing is... the fish sleep at night! LOL I think occasionally some people are lucky and see something cool but it's hit and miss. Seeing all the pretty colored fish during the day light was more exciting to me. Be sure to sign up for Romance Rewards so you'll get credit for your trip and earn perks on your return trips. If you're anything like most of us... you WILL return! Hope you have a great time!

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