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    Default Wednesday Deals?

    How come the last two Wednesdays haven't had a deal? I am looking for a reason to book another trip to CSA!

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    Hey: I would guess that the Wednesday deals have been postponed until all the confusion with CB. is covered. I would think that Randymon has his hands full right now trying to make all those reservations work out for happy customers. I am guessing things will return to normal with some great deals when it all gets settled. It's to bad that Couples has to deal with what happened, being sold out on the short sale. I know that things are going be just fine

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    My guess would be that they have to get all the Barbados folks rebooked so they know what capacity they have.

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    Hi dandj,
    We are sticking with Barbados as our only option in Jamaica was CTI. Since we are already booked for CTI in Dec. 2014 we decided to give Sandals a try. I know the reservation department was crazy when I spoke to them so I am sure you are right.

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    Thanks for the replies. That does make sense. I hope it there is a deal to be found afterwards. We go in the off season because 1: it is our anniversary and 2: it is affordable to go every year! I found out about all of this Barbados stuff when I was at CSA in October. I could tell there were some upset folks.

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