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    Does anyone know which room blocks they put you in when booking a "deluxe beachfront" room? Is it worth the extra cost?

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    I was told by the front desk that building 6 is all deluxe beachfront except the beachfront suites on the end. We booked deluxe beachfront in 2011, 2012, and 2013 and were placed in building 6. I would guess that 5 and maybe 9 might also have some deluxe beachfront.

    Due to the room rates going up some and the increase in airfare, we are booked for garden view for 2014 to offset the additional costs. I will miss the view from my balcony each morning but I will be at CN and on the beach each day after breakfast.

    190 days to wait!!

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    Are you talking about CN? If you are, I think NO, it is not worth the extra money because you are not really beachfront. Your room is on an angle. Garden rooms are exactly the same as beachfront. We stay on the beach all day so we love to come back to the lush, tropical garden area which is still close to the beach.

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    More of a personal choice that only you can make. There are a couple of ways to look at this.

    Yes, the Deluxe Beachfront rooms will have the best view and be closest to the beach.

    But then, how much time will you really spend in your room.

    For us, we still spring for the best room that we can afford. But honestly, we don't spend a whole lot of time in our room. We are up early because who wants to waste the day in bed while in paradise. We are pretty wiped out by the end of the day and usually go back to the room after the main entertainment is done in the evening.

    It is kind of nice to have my morning coffee out on the balcony.

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    If you're speaking of Couples Negril, Deluxe Beachfronts are in buildings 1, 5, 6 or 9. These are the 4 buildings closest to the beach. We stayed in one on the first floor of building 5 (far left of the resort looking at the map). It was AMAZING! Note, you do not have a view of the beach from inside your room, as the buildings do not face the beach. We faced the scuba pool, and the beach was to our right.

    We loved the room, but next time we're springing for the Beachfront Suite... it has a hammock on the balcony, and an actual view of the beach from the room.

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    Which resort? That will make a big difference.

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    Assuming you're talking about CSS...they're blocks A & B. As to whether it's worth the extra cost...that's up to you. We find the One Bedroom Ocean View to be our favorite room type. Sure there's no jacuzzi in the room and you're not at beach level...but then the views are awesome and the balconies are larger. The best room category is the one that fits you...and your budget.

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    Oh sorry I didn't clarify, I was referring to Couples Negril

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    Just got back from our wedding-moon at CN. We thought we would "splurge" on the deluxe beachfront. I personally wouldn't spend the money again. If you looked out the side of our door, you would see the beach. The room title is very misleading. We had family that stayed in the garden view rooms and they could see the same amount of beach that we had, plus they had the beautiful trees, plants, scenery to enjoy!

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    Our favorite category of room at CN is the Deluxe Ocean. They provide beautiful views of both the beach and garden areas.

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    Jamie, Pete and I are heading to CN for our "weddingmoon" 11/27/13... I would love to get your feedback, thoughts, suggestions and pictures! Feel free to contact me on here or at

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