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    Default CTI passes JDR on TA

    I am happy to say that I just noticed that CTI just passed Jewel Dunns River on Tripadvisor's hotel ratings for Ocho Rios! They now sit #5 behind CSS. Way to go CTI and staff at constantly upping the ante!

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    Well deserved too!!! I must say though that the number 3 hotel is relatively new and has only a few reviews compared to CTI and CSS. Not sure how TA can rate them as better with such a short history. Don't get me wrong, it looks like a very nice place, but time will tell.
    So to me, San Souci is number 3 and Tower Isle is number

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    Having gone to CTI for 12 years now, we think she should be #1!!! She is magical and the staff rocks!!

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    Love love love cti!!!!!

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