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    Default Is the Music Jamaican Reggae or North American Pop?

    Counting down the days until my trip to Couples Negril on November 21st.

    Overall almost all comments I see on the internet regarding Couples resort is good. There is one issue I wanted to ask about -- a topic I see raised in some TripAdvisor reviews and the message boards there. I often seen complaints that the music/entertainment does not have enough reggae/authentic Jamaican music -- that aside from the steel drum band the entertainment consists (mainly) of North American style pop music covers.

    I was hoping to get some clarification here on the boards since I know many of you are repeat visitors. I'm really hoping there is lots of Jamaican style music (reggae/Bob Marley/etc) and entertainment as American pop music isn't really my cup of tea.

    Oh and completely off topic, how much is sun screen at the gift shop? I'll be buying my own at home, but just in case we run out wanted to know how much a bottle costs on site.

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    I don't know how this made it so far down the list without a response, but I'll address it nonetheless.

    During the day, you will mostly hear traditional reggae (including Marley), coming from the Pool Bar and Beach Grill bar areas, so that's not really an issue.

    The negative reviews are coming from the "Resident Band"/"Showtime Presentation" which takes place on the stage at Cassava Terrace most nights, with the Beach Party being the only exception. Unfortunately, this is probably one of the biggest drawbacks at CN, and, from what I understand, Couples as a whole. This live music is pretty much all Jamaican-style covers of (what I consider) crappy American pop music. We've heard everything from Phil Collins (even though he's technically British) to Beyonce. Again, if there was one thing we could change about CN, this is it. That being said, it's only a couple hours during the evening, and it's not every night. It would just be way better if they had some straight-up reggae/island music. However, during the day I've heard songs like Night Nurse, Downpressor Man, Murderer, Sweet Jamaica, Murder She Wrote and a lot of Marley coming from the bars. You'll get past it. It's really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.
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    Dank120 has it exactly right. The evenings entertainment is often "wedding singer" music. Much better than this to be heard by wandering musicians on the beach during the day. I don't know why they do this, but I assume they must know their customer base. And to be honest my wife and I keep coming back, so why change anything?

    The house band is capable of some really fine Jamaican music and you'll probably hear the about 10 minutes an evening, but no more than that.

    On the sun block issue, youncan buy it here, but as you might expect it will be about twice as expensive as in the states. So bring plenty, but if you run out they will accommodate you.

    Sorry this sounds so negative... I love CN and am heading back this March. I just wish that one (or 2) nights a week they could do reggae.

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    Thanks for the clarification guys.

    I was more worried about the daytime music so that's good to hear that the bar and pool areas will have island music. I'm surprised they would do covers of American pop music although it seems ALL AI's across the Caribbean follow the same format for evening entertainment.

    I know that management reads these boards so I'm sure it's something they are working on!

    8 more days until paradise ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bamelin View Post

    I know that management reads these boards so I'm sure it's something they are working on!
    Well, management certainly does read this board, but we've been going to CSA since 2000, and to date they still have the same music format at night….Oh well - we usually eat late and then to bed so no real big deal for us.

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