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    Default Private dinner on the beach

    Does anybody know if we can tip the waiter ?

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    Nope; he/she is a Couples employee and could lose their job. Please make note of excellent service from any employee when you fill out check-out form. They can and will be rewarded.

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    We have had multiple private dinners and have not tipped the waiter. We hope that the money we paid for the dinner was shared with the staff who took such wonderful care of us! We also definitely mention our waiter on our Comment Card at checkout. We follow that
    "no tipping" also applied to the private dinners. I hope you have a romantic dinner!:-)

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    No, be sure and mention their name in your comment card when checking out if you got great service.

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    No you don't tip the waiter. We were told during our last stay at SA that you could request a certain server if you have a favorite.

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    The only people you can tip are the spa staff and the drivers that they provide for airport transfers and trips off the resort.

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    No tipping is allowed to ANY Couples staff. They could get fired for accepting one. That doesn't include the Spa associates or the driver to/from the resort, they are the only ones that are appropriate to tip.

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    They're still Couples employees so the "no tipping" policy is still in affect. It's just not worth getting a great waiter in trouble by putting a tip out there for them to accept. Better to bring something as a gift that they would appreciate. Better sure to put their name on the feedback form during check-out so they're recognized as a valuable employee. This will help them to keep their job.

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    Thank you everyone for your replies!! 6 days to go

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