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    Default phone # for Couples Barbados

    Good day. We head to barbados soon and see the phone # for the resort has been removed from the FAQ area. I am doing up the trip info for family and was wondering if I could please have it if it is staying the same once Sandals takes over. Thank you.

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    The resort is no longer owned by Couples. This is why all of the Barbados information has been removed from this Couples website

    Since the resort is now owned by Sandals, I recommend trying their website. Maybe try their toll free number. If you used a travel agent for this vacation, maybe they can help.

    Sorry I could not be any more help.

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    Couples no longer owns this resort. This is why they removed all of the information from their website. Even though Couples once leased this property, I don't see why they would put contact information for a competing resort company anyplace on their website. It is now owned by Sandals. Check the Sandals website for information about this resort. If you used a Travel Agent you could also have them do this research for you.

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