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    Default 6th time - 10/20 - 10/27

    We stayed at Couples Negril for our 6th time from 10/20 -10/27. For the most part things went smoothly. Food and service were as they normally are when we visit.

    Nightly entertainment in Casava Terrace really needs some help. Couples Negril is still running the same show that helps ďeducateĒ guests about Jamaican heritage. Itís OK the first time that you see it but after 6 times itís getting old. Wednesday evening there were two male guest vocalists. We were interested to see if this perked up the house band, as guest singers have done so in the past. When the first song played was some Rick Astley, we left. I guess if we want to hear some Jamaican music in Jamaica, we will need to take a taxi somewhere.

    Friday evening there was a large pre-wedding party of about 30 in Casava. We were there enjoying the Friday night lobster. That is, until someone from the wedding party was handed a microphone and was urging others in that group to share stories about the bride and groom over the PA system. When we were married we did the same thing but we paid for a PRIVATE hall. This activity took away from the ambiance of a romantic lobster dinner with my wife. We understand that this group grew to a size of 51 on Saturday. Someone at Couples had the foresight to put this group in Heliconia as its closed on Saturdays.

    The large group trend seems to be a growing issue with Couples as we have read about this in other posts. We originally chose Couples Negril for its romantic atmosphere and small size. If welcoming of large groups continues itís sad that we may have to start looking elsewhere to spend our vacation monies.

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    Totally agree. The place is called "Couples", and so it should be. I've never seen a group that large at Swept Away, but even smaller groups seem to think the beach belongs to them. It's the " I'm louder and funnier than you" mentality. I used to see a lot of this in Mexico, and I think that's one reason my wife and I haven't been back in years. We really like the appeal of the "couples "feel, and just kinda being alone, or so it seems at Couples. Perhaps Management can take a look at this and come up with a way to make both ideas work.

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    Thank you for the feedback about your recent trip. I too am annoyed by the large groups that seem to act like they own the place. Couples really should do more to manage the activities of the large groups to ensure they do not disturb the couples who are there for some secluded relaxation and romance. I am sure some simple guidelines for groups to follow would not be frowned upon.

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    We were at CN the same time and managed to avoid any issues with the large wedding party. With destination weddings becoming more popular, you can possibly run into one at any resort that performs a wedding. As such, we just make the best of it. In fact we had a blast with some of the guests who were in the prior weekend's wedding party.

    We agree however that the entertainment at the Casava Terrace could be stepped up. Our main issue was with the "opening act" and not the headliners. The opening act played everything to the same beat. They need to expand their music. Otherwise if we didn't like the entertainment, we just enjoyed the night sky.

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    While I understand your frustration with the groups, first and foremost, Couples is a business. Unfortunately, Couples is not unique accepting large groups. We usually go to CSA in January, and on our last few visits, Bob and I have cringed when we have seen large groups at CSA wearing the exact same t-shirts, and we think, uh oh, this is going to be bad. But for the most part, it is not an issue (although I won't say it's never an issue). I travel a lot for work and we've been to many places, and I don't know that there is any place in the Caribbean in the same price range as Couples that won't have groups. I kid Bob that it would be nice if we could afford a week at a private island, but we of course we can't.

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    We were at CN Oct 18-25 for the 4th time. It appears that we left the morning of this wedding party but I agree with KurtandAngie that the prior weekend's wedding group were quite fun and very respectful. I did however throughout the week witness 1 person passed out face down on the beach that had to be carried to his room by staff and another person who was drunk, disorderly and so combative that security had to escort him to his room as he cursed at the staff. Quite classy! Neither person seemed to be part of a wedding party. There was also an older gentleman in the pool bar one afternoon who was enebriated and acting disrespectful to the bartender. There will always be a few who overindulge but there seemed to be MUCH more of that this time. I have my fair share of drinks myself but I know when it is time to stop and go to bed!! I also agree with Sherm that a couple of the entertainment nights left a bit to be desired. Overall though we still had a good time and we will return soon.

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    This group TOTALLY destroyed the atmosphere at Otheite one night. My wife and I went for a romantic evening and ended up at a drunken party. Shame on the manager for allowing it to get so out of hand.
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    Perhaps Couples could post a schedule showing when large groups will be at the resort, maybe color code the calendar that specifies a wedding time frame. This way, folks can check it before booking their vacation get away and won't be surprised to find themselves at one of the night clubs over-taken by a 50 plus wedding party.

    Another solution, have a hall specifically dedicated to weddings only...leaving the night club to other couples there to enjoy the nigh time entertainment without wedding toasts and stories.

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    I understand that this is a business. Here is an excerpt from the Couples philosophy page:

    "Without distraction, crowds, children or schedules"

    Looks like it may be time to re-write that.............

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