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    Watching the Hobi Cats from the Mineral Pool at Sans Souci in March 2009.

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    Default Oct Photo Contest

    We visited CTI Oct 3-9th 2009 for our anniversary and loved every minute of it!

    1. Tower Isle at dusk
    2. Moon rising over CTI
    3. The most beautiful sunrise we have ever seen

    We can't wait to visit the other Couples Resorts in the future!
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    Default beatiful sunset!

    My new wife and I visited jamaica the second full week in October. Our time there was amazing. The hospitality at Couples Tower Isle was remarkable. Best vaacation ever!!!
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    Default Honeymoon at Sans Souci

    My Wife and I spent our honeymoon at Couples Sans Souci and were mesmerized by the beauty and tranquility of the resort. Every aspect of our adventure brought us closer together and imprinted us with memories that will last forever. Attachment 2682

    Attachment 2684

    Attachment 2685
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    Default Maxine and Derek 12th Anniversary at Jamaica Sans Souci

    Twelve Years seems just like being here with my beautiful wife
    loving Jamaica.
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    Default 20th Anniversary and Vow Renewal

    Just back from our second honeymoon (11-15 Oct) at Couples Swept Away. Could not have had a better time!! We renewed our vows on our anniversary at the same time we got married and in the original dress (thanks Mom).

    1st picture is getting swept away after the vow renewal.
    2nd is relaxing in the hammock by our room.
    3rd is a sample of all the great flowers all throughout the resort.

    Can't wait to come back - hopefully won't need another 20 years to get away, but that is what 4 kids will do to you!!
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    Default Don't Even Think About it - HAHAHA (reserved 2-14-10)

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    Default Our Jan. 2008 COR Visit

    Our last visit to Couples Ocho Rios was in January 2008 when they announced the renovation plans at the 30th Anniversary Party.

    The first picture is of the Anniversary Party by the pool with the moon over the old Couples lion and lioness logo.

    The second picture is of the resort and beach as seen from the pier.

    The third picture is the view of the lawn games from our room. They are now replaced with the new swim up pool!

    We will be back to see all the renovations at the new Couples Tower Isle in January 2010. We can't wait to come home!
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    Couples Swept Away
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    Default Couples Negril

    Pic 1. Sunset view from balcony at Couples Negril. It rained for about 20 min and cooled everything down...can you tell its raining?

    Pic 2. The fabulous pool with jacuzzi with everyone relaxing and view of the beach

    Pic 3. Catamaran Cruise to the Caves.. breathtaking and gorgeous, an absolute must do at Couples Negril!

    We stayed for my boyfriend's birthday Aug 27 - Sept 1 09
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    Default Unforgettable Moments at Couples Swept Away!! Oct. 26 - Oct. 21, 2009

    Our pictures:

    1. "Welcome to Couples". This statue grabbed our attention the moment we walked into the Check-in lounge.
    2. " Jamaica Beach Flower". After this pic, my hubby placed the flower in my hair.
    3. "Seashells Surprise by the Seashore".
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    Default Catia & Simon

    Excellent vacation @ Tower Isle, polite staff, excellent food, and accomodations, what else can we ask for, it Irie!!.
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    Dunns River Falls water proof camera worth every penny.
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    Default October photo contest

    This picture was our view from the Beach Grill the day we arrived at CN!
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    Default Anniversary Couple Oct Photo Contest

    We have spent every wedding anniversary (July 4th --- I promised anniversary "fireworks" for the rest of her life!) at COR/CTI except 2008 when it was closed for renovation . . . So this year we decided to have local artisans help us bring Tower Isle home so we could enjoy it year around.
    Artists at Work --- working with the local artist & tilemaker (just up the road from CTI).
    Tower Isle Tiles --- just before packing up to hand carry home.
    Tower Isle in My Kitchen --- Morning sun on the finished product . . . Now we get to enjoy CTI year around!!!
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    Default Amazing resort.

    The setting was perfect and the staff was wonderful. Can't believe we were just there (10/10-10/17), will return.
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    Default CTI Oct 10-18th

    Another perfect time to reconnect, relax, and have the time of our lives. Thanks for 6 years of memories, and more importantly for the 5 great years since we got married on the beach.

    Reggae Tini's? Mmmmmm...

    Even the palms show love...

    Zen Moment:

  18. Default Cristal & Larry's July 25 Wedding at CSA

    Here are five photos from our July 25 Wedding at Couples Swept Away. In no particular order:

    1. The bride and groom jam with the 3-piece steel drum band at the cocktail reception after the wedding.
    2. The Shadow of a Heart...Taken during a morning stroll after the wedding on the beaches of CSA.
    3. The heck with the bridal gown: Everyone in the ocean!
    4. Our love is a dance upon the beach at CSA.
    5. Moments after each of us said "I Do," we embraced under the flickering sunset for a not-so private kiss.
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    Default Best honeymoon ever!!!

    Couples Negril was a honeymoon of a life time. Here are a few of my favorite photos taken at the resort.

    1. View from our room.
    2. Staff relays, so fun to watch because they work so hard to please us it was fun to see the staff having a good time.
    3. My favorite, picture postcard perfect. I put this picture up on my desk at work and when I feel a little stressed I look at it and think, 'no problem mon.'

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    Default CTI Oct 13-20

    1. Looking down the pier at CTI on our first night.
    2. First massage ever. Couples twilight massage.
    3. The clearing after a midday shower.

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    Photo number 1: Swept off my feet by Couples Sans Souci
    Photo number 2: Breath taking views
    Photo number 3: Romance
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