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    Default Celebrating 10 years this past July

    My wife and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in July this year. Here is a few favorites of the many pics we took.

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    After the Storm . . . Beauty Remains.

    Name:  Gateway to paradise.jpg
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    Welcome to Couples Negril . . . Welcome to Paradise!

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    Couples Negril - Postcard Perfection

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    Default 15th wedding anniversary

    Celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary at Couples Tower Isle.
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    Default CN Oct 07

    1. 10th anniversary party set-up
    2. Jamaican rhythm
    3. Sunset from our beachfront room--pure paradise!
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    Default October Photo Contest

    My wife and I went to Couples Swept Away to celebrate our 10th anniversary from Oct. 1 - Oct. 5. We throughly enjoyed every moment, and can't wait to return one day. Most of our time was spent on the awesome beach, but we did take the time for some snorkeling and boat rides. The food, drinks, and service were top notch! Here are some pictures we (well, my wife, she's the photographer) took during our getaway.

    1) Jamaican Sunset - taken on the sunset catamaran cruise; one of the staff members at the back of the boat
    2) The two of us on the same cruise with Rick's Cafe in the background
    3) A View From Our Room - Another beautiful Jamaican sunset (we never tired of these!)

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    Default October Photo Entries

    Couples Sans Souci September 22-29, 2009 (we've been to Couples Resorts for the last five years now). First time posting pictures - hope this works.

    The serenity and natural beauty that abounds at Couples Sans Souci is exceeded only by the wonderful employees who treat us like family and royalty!

    Ahhh, time to chill!
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    Beautiful Bougainvillea and, oh, that view!
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    Peaceful Pond Pelican
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    Default Anniversary in Paradise

    My husband and I enjoyed our 25 anniversary at Couples Swept Away and are hoping to return next year. (We stayed from Aug 27 - Sept 3). The website does not do this place justice. It was more fantastic in person!

    1.) Capturing the last sunset before we leave.

    2.) A self portrait of our private dinner on our 25th anniversary

    3.) A Sailboat in Toe!

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    Tommywommy being dragged into that darn old "goodbye bus" at CTI.
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    CSS's GM Pierre Battalgia put all of us into "time out"
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    Default Memories captured at CSA

    My husband and i were Married on the beach at CSA and we are already planning our next visit. So many different sights to see.
    1. Post trashing the dress--"A wedding shower"
    2. Honey Bee--"Drinking on the Job"
    3. Man on the boat--"No worry's Mon"
    4. Sunset--"Amazing"
    5. A flower after the storm
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    In April 2006 Peggy and I were staying at CN..Doug and Linda were staying CSA...We did not know each other
    but we have posted to each other on the message board many times..Doug and Linda were getting married on
    CSA's beach the same day the CN cat boat went out..I had promised to sing "Here Comes The Bride" to them..We got the CN
    boat to follow the CSA boat right into CSA's beach and I sang to Linda even tho I could not see her..We got back
    home and their friend Merry had taken pictures of Doug and Linda waving to me on the CN cat boat while she was
    still in her wedding gown..These pictures might not win this contest but they are very "special and dear" to
    me...These are extremely special and The Couples Resorts provided these once in a life time moments...I hope all of you
    all of them.
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    Default October Photo Contest

    Can't wait to return "home" again for the 4th time, November 23 - December 2nd! Looking through our collection of memories, we thought it might be time to try to win a few extra nights for a future trip! We miss Couples every day, and knowing that we will be back soon really helps get through some stressful times!
    1. Hungry Hungry Fish (CSA January 2008)

    2. Catching Some Sun (CSA January 2009)

    3. Musicians in Paradise (CSA January 2009)

    Nat and Bill

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    Default pb203's CN Photos from August of 2008

    1. On the Catamaran.... ARGHHHHH!!!
    2. What it's all about
    3. Lovin the sunset!
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    Default Couples Swept Away

    Photo #1- Sunset on the beach after returning from the catamaran cruise.

    Photo #2- Drinks on the beach!

    Photo #3- Washing away our names in the sand at sunset.
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    Default October Photo contest

    We just celebrated our Honeymoon at Couples Swept Away and had a great time. Here are our photos for the contest.
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    Default Our getaway vacation without kids!

    Amjad and Ambreen Khokhar
    Couples San Souci
    October 15 to 18, 2009

    Our getaway vacation without kids!
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    Default Eden at Swept Away

    #1: Lovely Double-Rainbow over Negril
    #2: Kissing Palms in the Warm Jamaican Sunset
    #3: Tropical Swept Away Beachfront
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    Default Sans Souci October 2009

    Our trip to Sans Souci
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    Default Swept Away - Honeymoon in paradise :)

    This was the most amazing experience - such a beautiful place to start our lives together. Thank you so much to all the staff that made our trip out of this world
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    Default Swept Away - Honeymoon in paradise :)

    Oops I didn't realize my pics weren't all in that last post

    Here are the rest

    The 1st is my Husband Mike and I in the pool - the second is of a Bob Marley shot - at the anniversary party on the beach at Swept Away - so glad we were there for this amazing event!!
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    Default October photo contest

    Jon and I spent our honeymoon at CSS from October 3 through to October 17. It was the best two weeks we've ever spent, and we're making plans to go back. Here are a few photos we took during our stay:

    1) A true SSB sunset
    2) Calm seas
    3) Little friends
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    Kelly & Jon
    Hamilton, ON

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    Default my three entries

    here are my three entries from my stay in CSA from 10/7-14

    1. sunset - words necessary
    2. my adorable parents renewing their vows after 40 years !!!
    3. a lot of snake eyes to drink - quickly became a favorite
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    Default Copules Swept Away October 2009

    Here are our three entries from CSA:

    1. We LOVE watersports!

    2. The catamaran cruise was AWESOME!

    3. This is Gary's favorite pick ...
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    Default Palms at Negril

    Palm trees on the beach at Couples Negril in May of 2006 after one too many Bob Marleys!

    <font size=2>
    CN 2006, CSS 2009, CN 2009, CN 2010, CTI 2010, CN 2011, CSS 2012, CN 2012, CN 2013, CSA 2014, CN 2014, CSA 2015, CN 2015, CN 2016, CN 2018, CN2019

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    Default CSA Photo Entries

    Here are our entries for the photo contest.

    Picture #1 - The Spirit of Jamaica
    Picture #2 - Everything is Irie!
    Picture #3 - The privacy and romance of CSA!

    Tara & Peter
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    Here are our pics. We were at CTI from Oct 9th-17th 2009 for our 29th Wedding Anniversary.

    1 4 Bob Marley shot
    2 4 Guest on Bob Marley shots
    3 Picture for a postcard
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