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    Default September Photo Contest [Closed to Entries]

    contest pictures from wonderful couples swept away
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    Default September photo contest

    Hello everyone, please post your pictures for September here. Sorry I am a day late! I can't wait to see your pictures.
    Romance Rewards and Preferred Agency Program
    Couples Resorts!

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    Default Aug 21st - 31st CSA / CTI Photo Contest Entry

    We spent a lovely 8 days at Couples Swept Away in Negril and 3 days at Couples Tower Isle in Ocho Rios. Here are a few of our many, many memories that we would like to share:

    My husband was in the game room at CTI and decided to make a scrabble board.......I had to run up to the room to get my camera and capture this!

    See if you can find all of the words:
    Swept Away
    Yeah Mon

    The lovely reflection pool under the bridge at CSA capturing the lush gardens:

    The menu at Patios Restaurant.....they have the BEST food ever!!!

    I wish that I could post more, but I know that 3 is the limit. Thanks for looking and sharing our great memories!!


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    Default Our trip to Couples Negril

    We had the best time on our trip to Couples Negril in August!
    Below are photos of the beautiful beach, pool, and new friends we made while at Couples Negril!
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    Our dream vacation at Sans Souci
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    Dana and John

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    Default September Photo contest

    The first picture is at the catamaran cruise. We were the first couple off the boat to lead the pack into the caves. What fun!

    The second picture is my husband "thanking me" for making the decision to return to Couples.

    The third picture is at sunset with a "toast to Couples." We had the most magical vacation.
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    Our beautiful honeymoon at CSS
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    Default September Photo Contest from CSS

    We stayed at Couples Sans Souci for the first time on 9/1/09-9/6/09. These are the three favorite pictures of ours out of nearly 1200.

    Picture 1: Beautiful sunset at Au Naturel Beach.
    Picture 2: The Palazzina at night during a full moon.
    Picture 3: Sunrise- a beautiful way to end a perfect trip.
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    Default Photo Entries

    Couples Swept Away - August/September 2008
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    Default Couples Negril

    This is from our trip to Couples Negril
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    Default This sums up our trip...

    Drinks on the beach
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    Default Couples Negril -August 2009

    Pics from our trip in August.
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    Ya Mon!
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    Default My First time at Couples Tower Isle

    I got married at Couples Tower Isle, here are some pics:

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    Love Jamaica & Couples Resorts!
    Pic #1 - on the way to Negril
    Pic #2 - Me & Chris hanging at the new TI pool bar
    Pic #3 - Sunset before I miss those days!

    Only 2 months until we return...can't wait to see home away from home!
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    Default Paradise found!

    Swept Away in the lovely month of May.
    #1 In the garden of Eden
    #2 The artist is in
    #3 The art under foot
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    Default Csa 09

    We had a great vaca at CSA!!
    1st-Eating at Cabana Grill, the jerk chicken is awsome!!!
    2nd-Playing in the ocean was one of our favorite things to do!!!
    3rd-On our way to dinner one night we stopped and took this pic by seagrapes, it's our

    Thanks to all the staff and our new friends, The trip was amazing!!!
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    Default Trip of a lifetime

    #1 What a view
    #2 The local entertainment
    #3 Local fishing boat
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    Default champagne view of CSA

    Our stay at CSA in October 2009 was as intoxicating as champagne!
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    Default Couples San Souci August/Sept. 2009

    All my pictures have the same title.

    Hidden Treasures
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    Default CTI Sept 4-12 (not long enough!)

    First time to Jamaica, for a belated honeymoon/4yr wedding anniversary. Can not wait to go back!!!

    I have a bunch of pics that would be perfect for advertising on the website or post cards, but not sure if the contest wants "couples" or pretty pictures, lol.

    So heres a few attached...

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    Default A Bikini and It's Enemy

    My husband and I visited CTI July 31st - Aug 10th this summer.
    As beautiful as CTI is, we enjoyed exploring San Souchi for a day and experiencing another facet of the sparkling jewels of Jamaica. Both resorts were dazzling, but the desserts at CTI were breathtakingly amazing! Bikinis beware.

    1)San Souchi Rocks!

    2)Hot Stone Massage

    3)Devilish Dessert @ CTI
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    The third pic is really nice!!!!

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