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    Default November Photo Contest

    Pictures taken at Couples Negril October 7-14.
    1. Catamaran returning
    2.Pool bottom
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    Default Photo Contest Entries

    1. Our favorite Hammock
    2. The sand, the water & the sky - 3 shades of the most perfect blue.
    3. The most beautiful beach in the world.
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    Default November Photo Contest

    We stayed at CN October 9-20th.
    This trip was amazing!
    Pic #1 ~ My favorite tree, It just says Love and Romance all over!
    Pic # 2 ~ The lobby at night, peaceful and tranquil
    Pic # 3 ~ Passion & Pride
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    Default Tower Isle in October

    1.) Perfect Sky, perfect water, Perfect Day
    2.) Bayside Restaraunt
    3.) Tower Isle, not for the timid

    first time at couples, amaaaaaaazzinnGG!!!
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    Default Tower Isle in October

    1.) Perfect water, Perfect Sky, Perfect Day
    2.) Tower Isle- Not for the Timid
    3.) Bayside Restaraunt

    First time to Couples, it was Amaaaaaazzziinnngggg!!!!!
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    Default Honeymoon in Negril

    Were married and honeymooned at Couples Negril, October 15-22, 2009

    1. You may kiss the Bride!
    2. The magic of the tropics.
    3. In, feet first!
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    Default Come Alone Leave with Great Friends

    [attach]Name:  2009-10-04_0003.jpg
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    Couples Swept Away - October 2009

    Name:  Sandra JohnPaul Sunset Negril Jamaica.jpg
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    Name:  CSA Jamaica Sunset.jpg
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    Name:  CSA October Sunset.jpg
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    Default Csa october 16-21 2009

    just a few pictures of paradise, can't wait to return!

    picture#1 beautiful view off balcony of atrium suite 2224
    picture#2 the palm trees seem like they can touch the water
    picture#3 the hammock is ready and waiting for our return
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    Default CTI October 5-10 -- Best week ever!!

    1.) View of island from shower
    2.) Enjoying first Rum Punch from our balcony
    3.) Beach view
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    Default Wedding with a rainbow!

    Our wedding day at Couples Tower Isle...amazing rainbow!

    Picture #1 - rainbow later in the day
    Picture #2 - during our ceremony
    Picture #3 - we finally get to turn around as a married couple and see the beautiful rainbow that was behind us during our wedding!
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    Default Amazing wedding with a rainbow behind us!

    Oct 24th at Tower Isle

    Picture #1 - we finally got to turn around as a married couple and see the beautiful rainbow that was behind us as we said our vows
    Picture #2 - a view of the rainbow that was behind us during our wedding ceremony
    Picture #3 - later in the day
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    Default Para Sailing over Couples CSA

    Our vacation on October 24th to 31st.
    This was our lovely view of our resort from a para sail.

    photo #2 Snorkeling at CSA on the love boat
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    Default Sunset from Couples Swept Away

    Photo #3 The end of a beautiful Day.
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    Default Couples Negril January 2009

    From sun up until sun down Couples Negril is heaven on earth!
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    Default Couples Negril Photos

    We stayed in Couples Negril from Oct. 24 - Nov. 1. It was an incredible honeymoon!

    1. Hobie Cat sails at dusk
    2. Sunset silhouette
    3. Halloween watermelons
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    Default Couples Swept Away--October 26-November 2

    Sunsets were a hit at Swept Away!
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    CTI Sept 4-12 2009 for our honeymoon...

    Beautiful sunrises. I don't think (in Michigan) I ever woke up everyday so early in my life. I have over 100 pictures alone of *just* sunrises... Just a beautiful start to every beautiful day in Jamiaca at CTI. We can not wait to go back to experience what we didnt get to see/do in those days, and re-experience what we did do! Next trip : 2 weeks or longer!!
    Thank you to the staff!!

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    Default Couples Swept Away: October 26- November 2

    1. Riding off into the sunset
    2. Sunset cruise
    3. Sunset from the pool deck

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    Name:  Picture 1932.jpg
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    Name:  Picture 1762.jpg
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    Default honeymoon

    Name:  100_3024.jpg
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    Name:  100_3137.jpg
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    Name:  100_3224.jpg
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    Couples Swept Away October 25th-30th
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    Default Couples Swept Away-October 10-13th, 2009

    For four days, we were swept off to heaven. After this trip, my husband and I reconnected and we decided this is where we will renew our wedding vows. Perfect Vacation Ever!
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    Couples Negril
    Feb 28-Mar 7
    1. Our last sunset at the Resort
    2. Our dinner the last night there
    3. The wonderful treehouse where we enjoyed 2 wonderful messages.

    WE are headed back to the Best Place On Earth this Feb.
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