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    Default Silverbirds on Wednesday still?

    Are the Silverbirds steel band still performing on Wednesdays, or have they moved to a different night?

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    Which resort? They played at the Beach Party at CSS last night, Tuesday.

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    I don't know the answer, but it would be good to specify which resort, since I think they play at all of them.

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    Which resort?

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    Sorry I forgot to mention that we will be at Swept Away

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    They are at CTI on Wednesdays Great Show

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    I'm assuming you are talking about CTI. they are still Wednesdays

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    forgot to mention - we are going to Swept Away

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    The Silver Birds performed on Friday at Couple Negril last week.

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    Just got back from CTI on 11/3 and yes the Silverbirds performed on the previous Wednesday. They are still amazing.

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    If you mean CTI yes they are still playing on Wednesday and its still a great show

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    We were also at Couples Swept Away 11/23-11/29 the Silver Birds did not play there, it was another group. Very talented but not quite up to the Silver Birds who it seems play all over the island, not exclusively for Couples, and they have some scheduling conflicts from time to time.

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    No Silver Birds at Swept Away??? Anyone else .

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