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    Default Totally impressed!!

    Ok, so I just got home from my 7 day trip at CSS and I was beyond impressed. They grounds were fantastic the staff was phenomenal, and lord don't get me started on the food and drinks... WOW! We made friends from day one and the friendships just kept growing as each day passed. I have to be honest I read all the posts and comments and I was skeptical because well like they say one mans opinion is just that one mans opinion but you all were right.. it didn't feel like I was going to a resort it felt like I was coming home. I can't wait to book our next trip and this time we are bringing friends
    For those of you who are wondering about the club mobay it is totally worth it.. we got in Saturday night and it took us 10 min. tops to get through customes get our luggage and relax in the lounge. And the lounge when you go home is twice as nice as when you arrive. Both of the club mobay's made us feel like royality from them waiting with a sign that welcomed us by name to Jamacia to the service before we left. Hats off to a job well done.

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    Once you go, you know!!!

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    Not surprised that you loved CSS. We do too! Going back for the third time next year.

    Tell me more about Club Mobay. What is the cost, etc.? I have heard about it but never looked into it. Might be something I should consider.
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    Cigar Dude... club mobay was I think 160.00 and to us it was worth it, we got off the plane and someone met us at the bottom with a sign that had our names on it.. they checked over our customs paperwork as we traveled to customs where we went through an express lane and straight to the front of the line, we bypassed a lot of people who were standing in line, and after flying all day standing in line wasn't what we wanted.. after customs we were taken to get our luggage where they put it on a cart and pushed it to the club mobay lounge, we were given a cool towel, glass of champagne, then offered snacks, rum punch, red stripe beer and a relaxing place to sit, we walked next door and checked in with couples and then waited about 10 min for the bus to take us to CSS. The bus driver we had was awesome. When we left CSS and got to the airport we checked our bags, went to the club mobay area and they walked us to the front of the line to get to tsa, then we went to the front of the tsa line and up the stairs to the club mobay lounge, we had a 3 hour wait so it worked out good for us, when we got there we were greeted with breakfast and a drink and then at 10am they changed over to lunch which my husband took full advantage of The drinks never stopped while we were there, the area was very comfortable and relaxing, big fluffy couches and chairs lots of tv sets news papers, snacks. To us it was totally worth it if nothing else for the arrival ease and the drinks to get us through the flight home... lol one last relaxation burst before heading back to reality.

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    We have never been to CSS and look forward to some time soon. Is there a month or two we should avoid that is windier than others?

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