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    Default Makeup and Hair at CSA for wedding

    Hello there!! I know this is a hot topic, however, when I search for makeup at CSA for wedding day I can't find anything recent. I'm going to provide photos of hair options and have the spa do my hair. I'm hoping they will be able to keep it looking nice for a few hours!! My main question is about the makeup they use. Is it airbrushed on? Did anyone provide them with pictures or did they just do what they want? I love eye makeup but don't use any foundation. I'm worried about how it will all turn out. Any info, advice and/or pics would be great!!!!! Thanks!!!!

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    Klink,we did a vow renewal in April and the salon did my hair and makeup. It wasn't airbrushed and I wanted to look natural and in the heat, you don't want to wear alot or it'll be dripping down your face. The ladies will do whatever you want and the lady that helped me was awesome. She has worked at CSA for something like nine years and worked at the S resort among others for over 20 so very experienced. I could email you a couple pics if you like but mine seem to be too big to post here. I was totally satisfied, Sara
    I'll add, I think her name was Carly and you Can tip the salon and spa ladies. Also, I wore my hair down as I'm not an updo kind of gal but I'd highly recommend putting it up, its freaking hot even in the morning. Happy planning
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    I too had my hair done by the resort. My advice, go with an updo! With all the heat, wind or rain you will be sweating like crazy and thank me. Bring pics of what you want your hair & make up to look like as well. During pics they will stop and wipe y'all down so you don't look like a sweaty mess, but by the time it was all said & done my hair was a hair sprayed sweaty mess. If we ever re-do our vows, I am doing an up do lol. Congrats on your big day and try not to stress Couples are pros at this and make it all easy for you to have a perfect start to married life

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