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    Default Expiration of Romance Rewards

    I'm confused about how long Romance Rewards are good.

    I asked a question on the site because our past 2 trips were not showing up in our activity. I was told: The Romance Rewards Program is only retroactive up to 13 months.

    However, the Couples website says:
    Nights Stayed are cumulative. No benefits are earned on complimentary stays or Industry Discounted Rates. Nights expire 4 years after they are earned.

    Does anybody know which it is? I sent an email back asking about this but have not received a reply.

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    Romance rewards should be credited about 30 days after your stay. If they don't then you need to contact Couples to have them added to your account. They are then good for 4 years and will roll-off after that time. It might be a good idea to contact them by phone.

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    Hi, I will take a stab at answering your question. If you you did not let Couples know that your last two trips weren't showing up in your account within 13 months of your trips, too much time would have elapsed for you to receive credit for those trips. If you had received the credit for those trips, the nights would expire 4 years from the date they were earned. If you really want a definitive answer, give the 800 number a call and speak to someone in the Romance Rewards department. Take Care!

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    They are good for 4 years. They also left a trip off of mine, I sent them an email informing them and they updated it within one day.

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    Hi TL B,
    Romance Rewards are only active for four (4) years, based on actual dates attended -- not on a calendar year basis.

    The 13 months you mention may be that if they were not posted you can only go back retroactive on un-posted visits for that time period. -- Don't really know about that. We always check about a month after a visit to be sure they were posted. Also, we make sure when we check in and out that our folio included our rewards number.

    Recommendations for change/improvements:
    > Have rewards expire at the end of the calendar year of the year they expire. Because of scheduling, you can go a week after the ones of four years earlier and discover that you are no longer at the level you thought you had earned. Also, it would make it easier to keep track.

    > Change from four (4) years to five (5) years. While not an issue for us as we go twice a year, for many, especially in the current economic environment, four (4) years is just too short, especially when based on actual date vs end of calendar year

    Just my "one and one-half" cents.

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    Good Question, Randyman please clarify

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