Sorry that this is so long but I need opinions! We are looking into booking CN for later this month. We have two different flight options. They each have their pluses and minuses. Just as background - I am REALLY looking forward to this vacation. We have had a stressful summer (minor problems as life goes but....) and I NEED a vacation!

The cheapest option (which DH likes of course) has us not getting into Jamaica until 7:15 PM which means by the time we get to the resort we will have missed dinner which means we only get 6 dinners instead of 7. This option also has us not leaving Jamaica until 8:15 PM. The plus side of this is you get another almost whole day at the resort! The negative is not having a room for the afternoon and getting home LATE! I realize there are showers you can use and I am assuming we could leave our luggage with the bellman. It would be MUCH nicer though if we could stay in our room until close to departure (which I'm guessing would be around 4:15 PM). How is CN for allowing you to stay in your room past check out time? We are looking at going Friday to Friday. Is this a big changeover day (which I am assuming would affect our chances)?

The other option is flying business class - NICE! but of course is a LOT more money. The flight times are MUCH better IMO - get to Jamaica at 1:00 PM and leave at 2:00 PM. We would arrive at the resort in time for dinner the first day which would be great. However, we wouldn't have any time the last day to enjoy the sun and beach but we would get home at a reasonable hour. The other flight doesn't get home until 1:30 AM which seems to me kind of spoils the end of the vacation.

So which would you pick?!? Thanks!