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    Default Great house updated?

    Just curious if the greathouse rooms were renovated along with the other rooms?

    75 days until we are home!

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    Don't think so but not 100 percent

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    The Great House is only a few years old! Probably too new for updates….

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    We would really like to know also. Stayed in them last year and the bathrooms really needed updated. Need more light also. Can't see to shave or put on makeup.

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    I seriously doubt it. That building was built less than 10 years ago.
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    I am wondering as well. We were there last year and the bathrooms could use updating.

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    They are working on a building of rooms at a time. Not certain they have done anything at the Great House and it did not look like they were doing anything while we were there 10/23 - 10/29. My niece and nephew had one of the updated Garden Veranda Suites, which really other then fresh paint had a new bathroom in it. They had to have extra towels to keep the water from running into the main room. No door on the shower and it is a walk in with a drain that runs the length of the shower along the floor where you step in. The entire bathroom floor is one level. Did not appear the slope was correct and the water would run through out the bathroom floor and into the sleeping area. They were offered a different room but they kept it. They were in 3101 I believe.

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    The greathouse and veranda suites were built around the same time (2005), maybe bfvs take more abuse and are more popular ?

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    stayed in the greathouse last month and didn't notice any renovation going on there

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