From what I can see Airlink has a fixed schedule and more or less endorsed by Couples as we can book the flight thru the website. The schedule varies depending on where you look at it.

Couples has link posted:

Airlink's as posted on its website: Scheduled Flights between Montego Bay and Negril in Jamaica

My saturday flight in two weeks arrives at 10;55 am so depending on the accuracy I either have 20 min or 35min to scat thru via Club Mobay and get on the flight. If my flight from CLT is delayed, or I can't make it thru that fast then it makes no sense for as the next flight is an hour later and IM assuming the shuttle can get me there within 30 min assuming we are moblile within 65 min.

TimAir is a charter service at the same price. They don't have a set schedule so they will basically go on my time.

Has anyone used them before? Will Couples have a shuttle service from the airport or need I catch a cab? I don't mind the cost really of paying the cab.

Im really chill enough to "get there when I get there" but if I am trying to get to the resort via "Rock star treatment" I want to be swift and make it worthwhile then I was wondering if anyone has used TimAir and found it worth while?

If we don't check into the Couples waiting area at MBJ does it throw them out of synch with our arrival? Does TimAir come and get passangers as does AirLink?

Can anyone share their experiences with TimAir? Thank you!!