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    I just want to throw this out there and see what others have experienced. We have been to all of the Couples Resorts in Jamaica, some multiple times. I love to look at the sample menus and many of them have escargot listed. I love escargot but have never actually had a chance to eat them at Couples. Has anyone ever been there and seen them on the menu? The sample menu posted for Casanova at CSS is showing them right now. Please tell me there is a chance??????????

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    Hi Marnies, We have been to CSS several times, and escargot has been on the menu at Casanova. It was delicious each and every time!

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    Yes they serve it at CSS. We had it last December. It is so delicious. I'm sitting here salivating thinking about it. A few years back we had it at CTI as well. I certainly hope you will find it on the menu next visit. It is also one of the dishes i look forward to.
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    My husband has had them as CSS and said they were quite good. I am not an escargot eater, but he liked them.

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    In our 4 visits to CSS, I have never seen Escargot on a menu.

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    We had them a few years ago at CSS.

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    Well thanks everyone! There is hope for me! We always go in January, could that have something to do with it?

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    Enjoyed them last October at Cassanova. Stayed this year 10/18-10/28 and did not notice them on the menu.
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    "Look a that S-car go..." Anyone? 80's movie quote?...
    "Brutalize me with music..."

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    When we visited CSS, we ate escargot several times at Palazzina. We have not, however, ever seen it on the menu at any of the CSA restaurants.

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    I will say that I love Escargot and seem to remember getting it once at CN, but we just came back from CN and CSA and it is not on their menus, at least the restaurants we ate at. It was not on them last year either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dank120 View Post
    "Look a that S-car go..." Anyone? 80's movie quote?...
    One of my fave X-Mas season classics.... Trading Places

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    We've had it in the past in January at CSS, but it has been absent the last couple of years. Perhaps it will be back again this year. I loved it so much, I now make it occasionally at home!

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    we had them at Feathers in CSA, they were lovely and meaty, well worth a try. We are heading back in March o hope to get some more.

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    I love that movie Trading Places!!!!! Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd!!! Love it!!

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