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    Default How are the Cats at CSS

    Can anyone that has visited CSS please advise how are the cats there. I have allergies to them and was wondering if the get into the rooms or just wander the grounds. Is it better to get a higher level room. I have requested G block- no guarantees I understand.

    Thank you for all replies....... 140 days to go

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    You ussually will find 3 or 4 cats in your room when you return from the beach. I am always baffled at how they get in. Must be when they make up your room. They often curl up on your pillows...
    They should not be a problem for your allergies. They hang around the main lawn, and the occsaional one will browse the tables at breakfast, but if you don't offer them anything, they don;t stick around.
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    We were on the ground floor of B Building (beachfront) and a little cat was seen outside our room every night. He was quite skiddish and didn't want to be approached. But, my wife felt sorry for him and fed him so he showed up every night! Otherwise you should be fine. They are a little scared of strangers.
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    Never saw the cats in any guest rooms. They do beg for food at Bella Vista though, which is open tot he outdoors. Just FYI, there are only a few cats, the place isn't over run with them.

    Scott and June

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    You will see them at Palazzina and sometimes wandering the grounds but they generally do not approach you unless you are offering food. Never had one come even close to going into our room.


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    The cats for the most part stay around the shrubs near Pallazina, A/B/C block and the rear steps behind C block. Having stayed in G or E block with 1BR Ocean Suite reservations, we have never seen kitties near our room. If your room was on the ground floor of A or B block and you left your door open and unattended, they might get curious, but in general the cats are pretty skittish. We have stayed in A block on the ground floor but at the SSB end and never had any issue with cats encroaching into our room or patio.
    Since you have allergies, (as I do) I would recommend bringing some benadryl or allegra/allergy med of your choice just to have on hand. Better to be safe than sniffly!
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    We have been to CSS 3x and the only time we see the cats is at breakfast and lunch at the Palazzina. They never get too close. You should have no problem with allergies.
    Enjoy your trip. We LOVE CSS.

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    We just returned from CSS. The only cats we saw were at or around Palazzina. We had a room in G block. Never saw a cat anywhere near rooms. Enjoy your trip - it is an amazing resort!
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    the cats just wonder around. I you had a ground floor room and left dorrs open then they might come in.
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    The cats taste great at CSA! The chef does a wonderful job with "JerkKitty" and it does taste a bit like chicken. I am alergic to cats as well but had no lingering effects!

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    The cats at CSS are feral and will stay away from human contact. I'm a cat lover and tried several times to touch and feed them and they would have none of it and would run away.
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    Hi Cortal

    They just roam the grounds and pretty much stay away. Only ones who came over to us is when we called them over. We are on the ground floor of A block and never saw any on our patio or even near it. They won't get into your room unless you leave the patio doors open.

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    We've been to CSS several times over the past 5 years and I've never seen the cats up on the cliff, only down around the restaurants and beach.

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    We were there in sept and it seemed like they stayed in the lower part of the resort. They didn't seem to bother people. I thought it was great to have them there , but understand the allergies. I don't think you will have a problem, have fun.

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    Thank you everyone for the replies, I feel much better knowing my allergies should not be an issue.

    136 days left before paradise.

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