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    Default Transportation, Mobay and other logistics

    94 days to go and now I'm starting to get nervous about the details of this upcoming vacation. Why? Because worrying is what I do best!

    I booked my trip through a travel agency and I just got an email saying they have changed who they partner with for hotel transfers and excursions at their destinations. Can someone reassure me that Couples will handle all that for me, even if I've booked through a TA?

    Also, I had already booked the Mobay departure service when I booked my trip, but after reading the message board, decided I would really like the arrival service as well. I asked my TA if I could add it and they said they don't offer the arrival service! In fact, the girl I talked to didn't even know there was such a thing. What does that mean? Am I out of luck or can I just book it some other way?

    Any advice and/or reassurance would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Couples handles the airport transfer so you have no worries there. There is an excursion desk in the lobby of the resort so that also is not anything you should worry about.

    Club MoBay has had arrival service for almost a year now, your TA is misinformed. Club MoBay arrival service for some reason can not be booked directly on their Website. They e-mail you a form to fill out and return to them. Since you've already booked departure, I'd either call or have my TA call Club MoBay directly. The number is on their Website.

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    Couples does all the transportation not your TA so you are set - just head to the Couples arrivals lounge. Club MoBay absolutely offers an arrival service - google them and I am sure you can book direct.


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    If you book at couples they provide a shuttle for you, it's up to you whether you use them or not. When you arrive at the couples lounge at the airport, you are on the list already you just sign in.

    As far as excursions, same deal I think, if you book an excursion through couples(from the resort) they provide the transportation.

    As far as club Mobay - I'm not sure, I've never used it, but I looked into it before and my TA hadn't heard of it either but they can for sure sign you up for both arrival and departure.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Ground Transfer is indeed provided by Couples included with your reservation- you will be all set so it does not matter what your TA does. Trust us (loyal fans & repeaters) and Couples - no worries! I used to worry a lot and always overplan when we go to Jamaica, but it really does always work out just fine. Worry more about bringing your favorite swimwear and enough sunscreen.

    For Club Mobay arrival service, you could send this link to your TA to help educate them or book it direct on your own.
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    We'll just miss you - we arrive on Feb 18th. Have a great time and keep counting down those days!
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    Couples handles the transfers, so no worries there. You just go to the couples lounge in the arrivals hall and you'll be taken care of. Don't let anyone else "help" you though. There are lots of cabs and shuttle providers that may offer assistance.

    I can't answer the club Mobay question though.

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    ggirl40 you can go to the couples website and do a "pre check in" They will ask for flight info so they can set up your transfer. Couples do their own transportation. You can also email them. the address is Tadean Miller is wonderful. She helped me set up transfers and guided me to check in. When you pre check in you can choose your drinks for your mini fridge and include any extra room requests as well. go to Couples Adults Only Resort Is Planned To Offer Pure Romance For You & Your Significant Other| Couples Resorts Jamaica and at the bottom of the page register for romance rewards and you will be directed to the check in page. it's really quick and easy.

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    Hi, If signed up for Romance Rewards (see bottom of any page on this website) and complete the pre-checkin prior to your trip you have no worries about your transportation to the resort from the airport and your resort will make sure you make it back in time for trip back home too. As to adding the arrival service to your Club Mobay reservation, why don't you contact them directly at VIP Attractions 1-876-619-1565 or email at

    Have a great trip!:-)

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    I am a big fan of the arrival/departure service. I usually book the trip through a TA, but I book the arrival/departure package directly through the "Mobay Club" website, which you can get to by going to the Montego Bay airport website.
    I believe you are also able to book the arrival/departure package through Couples. Its one of the extras that you can take when you book with the online.

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    Sign-up for Romance Rewards. Then pre check-in on the web. Tell Couples your flight information and they will take care your transportation.

    Call your TA. Club MoBay should have sent them an email confirming your reservation. Have them forward that email to you. There will be a contact name on the email. Send an email to the contact and let her know that you would like to add the arrival service. They will then confirm with you both your arrival and departure.

    One of the reasons I don't like to use TAs is because of stuff like this happening. I'd rather do it myself and buy the insurance, then I always have the insurance company to fall back on if anything disastrous happens. Anything else I can handle myself.
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    We've used Funjet, Apple, & United Vacations and have always had our transportation handled by Couples at their lounge. I can't give a definite answer on Club Mobay, but I would suggest contacting them directly to add arrival service if you want it.

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    Hello! And Congrats on your upcoming trip! We, too are first timers (CSA in May 2014) and I am also a pro-worrier so I feel your pain! I have not decided yet whether or not to book Mobay when when I asked my TA she did offer it both on arrival and departure so maybe call your TA again and ask someone else. I'm sure it's offered for both. Now, I just wish I could decided whether to book it or not. I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but knowing I have 5 months to wait and I'm already worrying, sounds like we're in the same boat! Best of luck to you - I look forward to reading your review upon your return! Jennifer

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    Just email Club Mobay, you can book arrival service up to 48 hours before your arrival flight, it's AWESOME AND SO WORTH THE MONEY, Just google Club Mobay and go from there.

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    I am going to purchase the mobay arrival service through Expedia.

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    Sign up for Romance Rewards, even if its your first time and not sure if you'll be back (you will though, believe me!) that way this stay will count towards your rewards program. Here is the link for pre-check in Romance Rewards That will ensure your transportation to the resort, you will put in your flight info and such and they will be expecting you! You can also choose what will be in your mini fridge upon arrival or shortly after you arrive they will deliver.

    We used Club Mobay arrival and Departure service. I actually think the Arrival service was wayyy better than the departure service and well worth it. We walked right by all those people who were waiting in line at customs and immigration and assistance getting luggage was excellent. Here's the link with info on adding the arrival service to your trip.

    Have a great trip and the moment you arrival and left over worries will disappear.


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    You can contact MOBAY CLUB directly at or 876-619-1565. When you arrive proceed through immigration, baggage and customs. Then turn left and go all the way to then where you will see the COUPLES arrival lounge. Check in there and they will take you luggage and escort you to you transfer. Please make sure to tip your luggage handler and shuttle driver.

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