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    Default CSA BFVS Remodeling

    Does anyone know if the BFVS are also being remodeled?? Or is it just the older GVS? We are heading back Aug. 2014 (trip #4) for our 25th Anniversary and Vow Renewal. This is our favorite room category so it would be wonderful if they will be updated by then. Thanks!

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    The BFVS are also being renovated along with the OVS rooms too!

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    We were just there 10/23-10/29 and the first of the 3 story buildings along the beach were being worked on. Looks mostly cosmetic with bathroom upgrade. Had to laugh as a worker on the third floor was on the beach side of the railing hanging on with one hand and sanding it down with the other.

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    That's great news. Hope our 2 favorite rooms are done!! Sure hope they do something about the bathroom lighting while they're doing the updates. Aug. 16th here we come!

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    Does anyone have new pics to post? Yes, the lighting could use an upgrade as well.

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