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    Wow! have really found pics out there? (the internet that is). Where were you looking and why? ...If some pervs wants to take pics with a "telephoto lens" from a balcony for their own little jollies that is their problem. I certainly have never seen such a thing and I don't think anyone that I met on the AN beach would even care. ha! And if it was noticed and reported, I am sure that it would go much further up the management chain than the security guards.
    No worries mon!

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    We've have never ever seen anyone with a "telephoto lens" on a balcony at CN, we did however watch multiple people with cameras escorted away from SSB on our visit there. In any event I guess if someone is that interested in taking a photo from that far away we would be shocked and flattered! Guess we have to keep an eye out for the "nude paparazzi" everywhere! Bottom line, it can happen anywhere and we all have our "home" resorts. Try both and decide for yourself. Either way you will win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael&sonja View Post
    we have been to CTI 6 times and CSS 3 (with the 4th in April). We visited CN once. The beach and water are great at CN. However, my issue with CN (unless it has changed) is people with telephoto lenses on the balcony of the overlooking rooms that take photos. (security will talk to them, but whatever photo is taken is taken). Also, you can find photos of the au natural participants on the internet that are obviously taken from the beach or water. Which is just not my thing. CSS is now our home and SSB is the perfect way to spend a week. (especially now with the new spa)

    If security sees a beach walker attempting to take pictures, I've seen them grab the camera and delete any incriminating pictures that were taken. But, no matter how good security is, I think there is always a slim risk of someone taking photos at ANY nude beach, and an even slimmer chance that those photos will go viral on the internet. Some people believe it would be too embarrassing to bear (no pun intended
    ), or that it could even be career-ending if that happens. If you are one of those people, then you need to decide if it is worth the risk. If not, then simply don't go.

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    I am a photographer, so I am "attuned" to people taking pictures, and have never in any of my seven trips to CN, seen anyone trying to take pics of us nudies. Can it happen? Of course it can, but I don't see it being a prevalent problem. I would worry more about this happening on the "textile" side, where cameras are common and women are going topless. I have never found pictures on the web of nudes at Couples. YES, I did search, extensively! I did it to prove to a friend (who I was convincing to try the AN thing, on her vacation) that this type of thing was EXTREMELY rare. And, as common sense tells us, if you are that worried about being seen nude, don't get nude. My advice, strip down, soak it in, and relax! Ever ting Irie!

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    If someone wants to take a photo of me naked on the beach then I would initially have to admire their great taste but more than likely I would have to question their sanity - as just looking in the mirror is bad enough for me to stomach and I have had 50+ years to get used to it.

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    Having spent considerable time in both CN and CSS AN areas (twice to each),here's our sense of the pros and cons. CN PROS: beautiful beach, warm water, steps from the resort, hot tub, bar, bocce ball area. CONS: small, no food, not very private (people walking by), no pool. CSS PROS: large beach area, pool with concrete surround, hot tub, very private, massage area, lunch served daily, swim-up bar, group activities. CONS: rocky beach, 5-10 minute walk from the rooms.

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    We have been to CN and love it. That said we are planning our next trip to CSS or CTI (still trying to decide which.) We just want to try it out! Plus, there's places Mrs. S wants to go that are closer to Ocho Rios.

    I know we will have a wonderful time!

    Mr. S

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    We never have (two trips) and I have never read anything like this on the message board before.

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    We've been to both but we prefer SSB. It's much larger, less crowded and they have numerous palapa's and plenty of shade. (a necessity for a fair skinned redhead) We don't worry about gawkers or photographer's either. There was someone walking down the beach at CN who stopped and took pictures. The security guard swooped down on her but I don't know if she deleted the pics or not. Also some wacko kept walking by then going into the water, sitting down and staring at us. I don't even want to know what he was doing. The guards tried to keep him moving but it is a public beach. The only time the public beach near SSB is full is on weekends and its not like they're right on top of you. Most of the "gawkers" are young kids. The people accessing the river are so used to us they barely look anymore. Both resorts have their benefits but I just feel more comfortable at SSB. Also, we bring water shoes to go out in the water so that's not really an issue either.
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