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    Default Do we tip the Club MoBay person that helps us on arrival and departure?

    Please forgive me if this is already posted somewhere, I tried to find it, but, could not. Do we tip the greeter for the Club MoBay arrival and departure service? If so, what is the going rate?

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    Have only used departure service...and no one greets you for that
    But we did tip the waitress and bartender a dollar or two per drink

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    I tipped the arrival person. $10 as she was awesome. I didn't tip any departure people as there really isn't one specific person who helps you. Just a faster security line w/ regular airport workers and in the lounge, there is a receptionist that greets you but that's about it.
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
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    We used Club MoBay for arrival and departure. I did tip the greeter ($20 US) when we arrived as she was a big help. Went over our forms, kept us informed as to what was going on, helped get our luggage, etc. Sorry I don't remember her name but she was great!!!
    I gave her the tip as we were leaving the lounge and getting on the bus. I too was wondering about a tip and what the going rate might be.

    On departure there were several people helping depending as to where you were at. The only person I tipped then was the girl getting us drinks from the bar while we were in the lounge.

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    We used arrival only service. I gave our rep who helped us $5.
    Kelly & Troy
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    We tipped our arrival guy. He was just assigned to us, was waiting right in the hall when we deplaned, and stayed with us until
    the couples lounge. He was very pleasant and talkative and helped with the luggage. I think we gave him $10.

    On departure, you don't have a personal escort. We do tip the waiter/bartender in the lounge. $1/drink.

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    Yes we def tipped the arrival person....anyone reading this tread....SIGN UP WITH THEM...on arrival on a Saturday afternoon, the line was at least over 2 hours long, we did it in 15 mins.

    Also, we didn't think we needed the departure, but we are glad we did...Since couples gets you to the airport so early, we were able to have lunch and free cocktails there with free wifi and nice seats...well worth the money

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    We used the arrival service, we gave her $10.00
    One Love,

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    We tipped the arrival girl as she stayed with us the whole time and helped with luggage , forms etc. Didnt tip the departure girl(s) we had two, don't know if that is usual or not as we have never done this before. Didn't realize they wouldn't be taking us all the way to the lounge, and so the "moment" for tipping passed she was gone in the blink of an eye. We did tip the waitress getting our drinks.

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    We intended to tip our arrival gal, as she was helpful as I always manage to botch the form somehow. Once we were all set she just went on her merry way before I had the chance to give her some cash.

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    We are arriving in December for Christmas week. What exactly do you mean when you say "SIGN UP WITH THEM". Who do we have to sign up with?
    Thank you

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    I was also wondering how we go about signing up for this?

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    Have not used them yet, but this is good information to have. We may try them out when we go back in February, but we find that mid week arrival and departures are not very long lines at all. It does seem to be a great service for those who use it.

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