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    Default negril a/n beach

    lookin at cn on google earth..where is the a/n beach located...trying to decide between there and css next trip

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    See arrow in picture below.

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    Go to the Couples Negril site page and click on the "map / 360 view". The AN beach is on the bottom right inside the privacy hedges.

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    looking at the ocean, it is to the left at the edge of the property...goes onto the Couples property to the hedge near the wedding area...

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    It is passed the arrow that kurt and angie show. It is on the other side of bldg 9, which is the building closest to their arrow point. There are hedges that provide privacy from the main beach of CN and Grand Lido when sunbathing. When you go in the ocean it is wide open for all to see. Does not bother us, but for some it may be not private enough.

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    Whoops! kurt and angie are correct on location!

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