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    Default Anyone use Club Mobay for arrivals?

    My husband and I are flying into Jamaica on a Saturday with an approximate arrival time of 12:30 pm. I know that customs will be crazy and am tempted to use Club Mobay for that purpose alone. My only concern is will I end up spending extra time in the Couples Lounge waiting on my luggage anyway? Or will I actually be able to get out of the airport and on a bus quicker? If I am at the pool bar at CN that much quicker...I am alllllll about it!
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    I can't tell you if you will end up waiting for your luggage but on Saturday, October 19th at about 1:00, I was green with envy over the people I saw by-passing "that hot, smelly, looong customs line". I would rather wait in the luggage area or the Couples Lounge. We plan to use Club Mobay for that very reason next time.

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    LBMV - my husband and I were some of those people who bypassed the customs line on 10/19. I went back and forth for a long time before we bit the bullet and decided to use the arrival service. I cannot say enough how worth it the fast track service was. hillystyles - go for it! We waited about 5 minutes for our luggage and got it right off the carousel. We waited in the lounge about 15-20 minutes before we were on the bus. We guesstimate it saved us at least 2 hours. It was a great way to start off our trip.
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    Loved club mobay and worth every penny. Do not even think of not buying it especially with a Saturday arrival.

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    Us too. We usually arrive about 1pm on Saturdays. Best to go Club Mobay at that time, as many flights arrive around the same time. You never know where you'll end up in line, and better to wait in a lounge than in a long line.

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    We arrived at 7pm and we bypassed all the people in line at customes.. the club mobay was a definate asset to us.. we loved it almost made us feel like royalty... there were a lot of people who were just looking at us as we strolled right passed them and to the front of the line...

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    We also arrived on Saturday October 19th at 11:55 am and had no wait for customs. So the Club MoBay can be hit or miss as to if it saves you time. There were people on our flight who used Club MoBay and we were through customs a good 5 minutes before they were. Just all depends on the timing of your arrival. Good luck.

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    we arrived around 1 on a saturday in june and it probably saved us 90 minutes - we arrived at 11 on a saturday last month (October) and it probably didn't save us 5 minutes - but the girl said we arrived just ahead of several planes - I will use it each time I go

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