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    Default Virgin Atlantic Airways Delays !!

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone travelled from Gatwick, London to Montego Bay experienced any flight delays. I have been checking and it looks like the 11.45 flights leaving from Gatwick have not left until 18.00 hrs which means the return journey has also got a 6 hour delay.
    Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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    Just got back from two weeks there, flight departed 1 hour late but made time up, the same on way back.



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    Hi we have been out twice with Virgin from gatwick and have never had a delay, although these flights left at about 9 in the morning, we have booked to return to CTI next April and the flight times is 12.45 so i just hope we do not get delayed each year we go the flight times get later and later, personally i prefer an early morning flight, due the the time you will finally get to the resort, (just time to unpack, a quick drink and bite to eat then bed)!but when you get up the next morning you just know its all worth it

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    Not good news...just booked with Virgin to return to CSA in February. Hope they've sorted it by then

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