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    Default CSA Oct 18-27 notes

    Heather and I had another great trip to swept away last week! We enjoyed getting to meet several new couples along the way. Hopefully they will see this post and look us up on Facebook as I dropped my phone in the pool the 3rd day we were there The 100 candle dinner at Ivan's was perfect for our anniversary dinner!They have the best pumpkin soup and banana flambé but the sunset is the main attraction. Seeing all the local bars on the one love pub crawl was fun. Xtabi has caves you can swim in and there is another one that you can jump off a small cliff at sunset so bring a swimsuit. Chukka zip line was a long drive but worth doing for sure. There are 9 lines. One of them goes between parishes separated by a river it is so long and another is a straight vertical drop for 40ft or so. I walked 9 holes at Negril Hills and was worn out. I had played it before so I knew it was steep but needed the exercise after all the good resort food. I was able to fit in 4 dives (one of which is a two tank) while I was there. Saw a sting ray with no tail, Octopus, turtle, and lots of lion fish. Shout out to ultimate chocolate for his skills on the piano at the Aurora Lounge, our favorite night spot! We hope to see all of you guys In another year!

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    So how was CSA?

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    Wow really sounds like you made the most of your holiday! Love to hear this.

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    Good for you taking time to see more of Jamaica than the resort!

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    Sounds like you had an awesome trip ! Just how many visits? I didn't make it to Negril Hills this time - it's tough pulling away from that beach.

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